How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin

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How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin – We’ll show you how to find posts and articles on LinkedIn. For desktop version and mobile app. There are also ways to save and find posts you like.

In this post, I’ll show you how to find posts on LinkedIn for desktop version and mobile app once and for all. We’ll also show you all the metrics you can pull from LinkedIn and where to find them. You will also learn advanced statistics about your data and the tools you need to gain real actionable insights.

How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin

How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin

Extracting post data from LinkedIn is a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating task. We’ll show you how to do it in an easy way.

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To find your posts, go to your LinkedIn profile and scroll down to the Activity section. Once found, click “View All” to open the event overview screen.

In the top navigation filter for “Posts”. Click the button to see all your past posts (you can also filter articles instead of posts).

LinkedIn is limited in providing insight into posts. We’ve summarized all the stats we can organically pull from LinkedIn.

If you’re like me and want a deeper insight into your LinkedIn stats, I’ll show you how in a moment.

What’s In Your Linkedin Feed: People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About

You can find the Post Overview page in your profile in the mobile app. Click the “View All” button in the Activity section, then click “Posts”.

You will now see all available stats for your LinkedIn posts. Click the highlighted text “View” below each post to view information about who viewed the post.

LinkedIn provides the same data as browsing your desktop. Except the interface is slightly different in the mobile view.

How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin

More and more people are asking for better analytics to optimize their LinkedIn profiles. Fortunately, there is a solution to this. Use third-party tools such as:

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LinkedIn provides curated statistics to analyze and optimize your presence. At the same time, you can gain valuable insight into your content to see what works.

This method gives you an almost unfair advantage over others because you can see exactly what is moving the needle and it saves you time.

Perfect for people who want to brand themselves on LinkedIn. Recruiters, freelancers, businesses, influencers and even individuals use this tool to get smarter insights.

If you want to see posts you like over time, you can do that easily. As in the previous step, you will need to go to your profile and then click on the activity section.

Alain Guiette, Phd

You will now be on the “All Activities” tab. Scroll down to find comments and likes on past posts. As far as I know there is currently no way to filter just “Likes” or “Comments”.

Personally, this feature is very useful for capturing inspirational content. The first time I tried to find a saved post, I had to do a direct Google search.

LinkedIn has placed a small “Saved Posts” button in the left sidebar of your feed view. It’s not easy to overlook, is it? I spent time interacting with the content on my LinkedIn feed. You’ve written, commented on, liked, and even shared other people’s posts. You may have written an article using LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin

This information will appear in your connections’ LinkedIn feeds and, depending on your settings, may also appear in the LinkedIn feeds of people you don’t have in your network.

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A LinkedIn feed is a circulating feed of content on your LinkedIn home page. It consists of updates/posts from your network and companies you follow, featured content, and sponsored content.

When you post on LinkedIn, you might think that information will appear at the top of your LinkedIn feed in links right after your post, but that’s not the case. Here’s the trick. LinkedIn feed by default

. Instead, you’ll see TOP posts in your LinkedIn feed. What does TOP mean? This means relevant, interesting, and popular content appears before content that isn’t, no matter when the content was published.

LinkedIn uses an algorithm to determine the quality of your content and then prioritizes the content in your stream. Here is an image provided by LinkedIn to illustrate the algorithm.

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As you can see, the content has initial quality control. As the content passes through, it is displayed temporarily. LinkedIn collects likes, views, flags, etc. to make other quality control decisions. score. If your post goes through and people like and engage with it, you’ll still see it in your LinkedIn feed. The more engagement and activity your post has, the longer it stays visible.

After posting or posting an article on LinkedIn, you can view your posts, articles, and activity on other people’s posts on the Recent Activity page. You can access this page from your LinkedIn profile page or by clicking Posts and Activities in the Me drop-down list.

Your latest activity will appear on your LinkedIn profile. We’re not just talking about posts and events. When you like, comment, or share content on LinkedIn, your three most recent events will appear on your LinkedIn profile. The rest of the activity can be viewed by clicking on it.

How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin

This is huge. Be careful while liking the content! I remember a guy calling me one afternoon. He was a job seeker and was having trouble finding a job. He asked me to help him. The first thing I did was open my LinkedIn profile. It didn’t take long to notice the problem. was active in

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— Like and comment on unprofessional posts. I found myself blushing. Even if LinkedIn monitors your stream, it may still let you through unprofessional content. The employer and hiring manager had very good reasons for not contacting him. When I told him the problem, he was amazed! He never expected his activity to be displayed like this on his profile.

I want you to be active on LinkedIn. I hope you like, comment and share the content. Keep in mind that the content you like, comment on, and share supports your professional brand and values ​​because it connects with you and appears on your LinkedIn profile.

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LinkedIn Makeover is a short description of the services I offer. My company name is Vision Board Media. There’s a saying on LinkedIn, “People you know talk about the things you care about.” That’s how you think about your LinkedIn feed.

Our mission is to help people become more productive and successful, and it is what drives us every day. Whether you have current or former colleagues, peers in the same industry, or people who share similar interests or career goals, we believe people need a professional community to help them.

How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin

The LinkedIn feed is home to these communities and the conversations taking place within them. This article discusses your thoughts on conversations and rankings, as well as best practices to ensure your posts are successful and appear in others’ feeds.

Post Jobs On Linkedin For Free

Posts may appear in your feed because they are related to, or you follow, the person or page that posted them. Or because the link liked, commented on, or shared someone else’s post. You can also see posts from groups you’ve joined, hashtags you follow, and events you’ve attended. Again, the point of all this is to show you the content and conversations you care about.

Posts usually contain some text and may also contain links or media such as articles, videos, images or job postings.

Every time you open the LinkedIn app, you see recent posts from your connections. The people, Pages and hashtags you follow, and the groups you join – you can all keep up with the latest conversations in the community.

The higher the value of the chat, the higher the feed ranking of the post. How do you know if this is a worthwhile conversation? We use a framework

Where Did My Linkedin Posts Go?

In real life, most of us feel more comfortable talking to people we know. The same goes for online. But how do we know?

Do you know and want to talk more? We start with your connections and the assumption that they are people you know and want to talk to.

Many of us have many connections or follow many individuals and companies. This means you should prioritize some over others when ranking your feeds. To do this, we check who you directly interact with (e.g.

How To View Liked Posts On Linkedin

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