Korean Brown Contact Lenses

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Korean Brown Contact Lenses – Colored contact lenses have made their way into our daily routines. A well-made pair can highlight the iris and give the eye a vibrant touch, so it’s no wonder they’ve become an essential puzzle to complete our everyday makeup look.

Colored beauty lenses are easy to find at optical stores, but if you’re looking to kick the aesthetic factor up a notch, consider the beautiful leaf patterns from Korea’s most notable cosmetic lens labels.

Korean Brown Contact Lenses

Korean Brown Contact Lenses

These options are a little more difficult to buy on our little island, but with a few clicks through the Internet, we found 7 floral designs that are shipped directly from Singapore. Simply select the diopters for your right and left eyes, and add them to your virtual cart.

Sky Gray 15mm Plano Korean Contact Lens

Part of its Sakura Cocktail range, the Cherry Blossom Lensmee daily contact lenses are good for one month after you open them. Each pack contains a pair of lenses with the same optical power, so buy another set if your eyes are of different diopters.

If a slight change in eye color is what you want, try GEO’s Flower Morning Glory series. The design mimics the petals of a morning glory to frame your pupil. According to reviews, these lenses run a little larger than usual, so take note.

Instead of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, wear a pair of pink contacts from TTDeye. Its three-color flower design adds a mesmerizing effect to the eyes. Each pair comes with a mirror and case.

This design by Secriss takes after the shape and color of desire, so shades of gray and yellow very well enhance the iris. There are 20 lenses of the same optical power in a box, so you may need to buy another set if your eyes are of a different grade.

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Taking inspiration from the forsythia flower, O-LENS disposable contacts combine hints of brown with yellow flower petals. It’s subtle, but it brightens up the eyes, making them look bigger and brighter.

With an added touch of golden brown, Trip Sun pink contact lenses give the eyes a rose gold look that will compliment most eye makeup.

Exclusive to South Korea, these colored contacts from Lenspop feature a beautiful crown of cherry blossom petals to add a touch of pink to your irises.

Korean Brown Contact Lenses

Not just your average colored contact lenses, these Korean ones have complex floral designs to lend an air of femininity to your look.

Cinderella Brown 15mm Contact Lens Malaysia Online Murah B. Eyesland

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