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Korean Contact Lenses Brand – Committed to providing vibrant colors and designs of colored contact lenses to a variety of customers, including the endorsement of the famous Korean girl group BLACKPINK, the products are one of the most popular series among young people. The Scandi series enhances the Iris model with a subtle graphic design. With Scandi you will have complete confidence and fabulous styling.

Each box contains 2 pieces of daily contacts with the same prescription. Please order more than 1 box if you have a different prescription for each eye.

Korean Contact Lenses Brand

Korean Contact Lenses Brand

Blackpink is a popular South Korean girl group consisting of members Jisoo, Jenny, Rose and Lisa. He was recognized by Forbes Korea as one of the most powerful celebrities in South Korea. Blackpink has been the commercial model for OLENS contact lenses since 2018. OLENS is one of the best-selling contact lens brands in South Korea.

Olens Best Korean Colored Contact Lenses

For safe and comfortable use of OLENS Scandi Gray Light, it is important to follow the instructions given to you by your eye care practitioner. Failure to follow a proper lens care regimen can lead to the development of serious eye problems.

Cleaning and rinsing are essential to remove mucus, secretions and deposits that have accumulated during use. Do this immediately after removing OLENS Scandi Gray Light and before disinfection. Harmful microorganisms can only be removed from formula by cleaning, washing and disinfecting.

When wearing OLENS Scandi Light Grey, you may notice a temporary change in your vision due to the presence of color in your lenses, especially in low light conditions. If this change in vision persists, please consult your eye doctor.

For orders under USD 60.00, our standard shipping fee via Hong Kong Air Mail is USD 8.00 per order. We also offer EMS shipping at a fee of $27.00 per order. You can always check the shipping fee on the checkout page before ordering. A representative of Interozo (CEO No Si-cheol), a manufacturer specializing in contact lenses, released a promotional video with the Clalen brand together with ITZY.

Topards Strawberry Quartz

Released to coincide with the launch of the new ‘Claren O2O2 Color M’ product, the ad video features ITZY’s take on meeting oxygen bubbles and enjoying them in a light pastel tone.

Since vitality and elasticity depend on the amount of oxygen supplied to the skin, he emphasized that the eyes must be supplied with sufficient oxygen and effectively conveyed the message of ‘oxygen colored contact lenses’ that satisfy health and beauty for lens wearers with color.

Featured in the video is Claren O2O2 Color M Premium Color Contact Lens, which not only achieves high oxygen transfer rate (Dk/t 108 @-3.00) but also offers a comfortable fit applying wetting enhancement technology. Silicone hydrogel material.

Korean Contact Lenses Brand

In the commercial video, Yeji, Leia, Ryujin, Charyeong and Yuna wore three types of ‘Natural’ series (Natural Brown EX, Natural Gray EX, Natural Chocolate EX) which create natural and beautiful eyes in everyday life with soft colors and subtle. . and ‘Misty’ which creates subtle and mysterious colours.

Owndays Launches 13 Colour Contact Lens In Singapore

Each member was perfectly matched with the lenses they wore, flaunting each member’s charm and attracting attention with irreplaceable eyes.

ITZY’s two commercial videos featuring Claren O2O2 Color M can be seen on Claren’s official website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and digital ads.

Eui-kyung Choi, vice president of sales and marketing of Interrojo, said: “This commercial video seems to best express the ability of Clarence O2O2 Color M, which satisfies both eye health and beauty with ITZY, which has a variety charming We are preparing various activities in order to strengthen our position as a popular color contact lens brand with the popular girl group ITZY, so we ask for your interest.

On the other hand, ITZY is planning to simultaneously release its first English album, “Not Shy (English Ver.)” on the 22nd and begin global activities as a “fourth-generation representative girl group.” Korea is considered home. Many of the world’s most famous beauty products and lenses are no exception. Many KPOP celebrities have used circle lenses, so this has created a trend and many young Koreans use the lenses today. Circle lenses not only make the eyes look bigger but also make their eyes look brighter and more beautiful. This led to the birth of various Korean lens manufacturers. Circle lenses are also a beauty trend in this country. Circle lenses are generally manufactured in different designs, colors, diameters and refractive errors to suit each individual’s needs and preferences. Here are the top 5 popular and loved circle lens brands in Korea.

Olens Russian Velvet, Still My Favourite Color Contacts

The first lens company on the list of popular Korean circle lens brands is O-Lens. It is one of the leading contact lens brands in Korea, famous worldwide with a history of almost 20 years. O-Lens shows that they are experienced and experts in the field of circle lenses through products with delicate designs that represent the elegant beauty of modern women. Currently the most famous K-pop girl group of all time, Black Pink is the group that represents this brand. You can refer to the top 10 products or recommended O-Lens products before choosing the right pair of lenses for you. On the O-Lens website, you can also read reviews from popular Korean beauty bloggers to learn more about each type of lens.

Another favorite circle lens brand in Korea is Ann365 Lens. This brand is famous for its wide coverage and today its popularity is not only in the domestic market but also in foreign markets. Ann365 was founded in 2008 and now has more than 300 stores.

It develops products based on the practical needs of the current market. Ann365 Lens sets itself apart by constantly developing products with innovative designs to suit the fashion tastes of domestic and foreign consumers. The uniqueness of Ann365 brand building lies in its core value of “being a messenger of beauty”.

Korean Contact Lenses Brand

GEO Medical was established in 2002 and until now has produced both normal contact lenses and circle lenses of high quality and safety. With the motto “Bring you the beautiful you want” and a powerful online sales system, GEO is popular in many countries around the world for the best quality, price and service. As a medical contact lens manufacturing company, GEO Medical strives to provide high-quality products and high-quality services for the health and beauty of its customers’ eyes through the use of the best professionals and the development of new technologies through own research. institute.

Missha Gray 16mm Korean Contact Lens

Geo Medical has various certificates not only from the Korean administration but also from Europe CE, US FDA, China FDA, etc. worldwide. So you can use circle lenses from this brand without worrying about the quality. The brand is doing its best to produce customer-oriented products that customers can trust through production using an automated system and complete quality control. You can purchase a pair of GEO medical lenses for around 20,000 won using the GEO shopping website.

Thedollyeye was founded in 2008 and has been providing customers with high-quality and beautiful cosmetic circle lenses from Korea. The website interface is very easy to use. You have to choose your favorite lenses by choosing lens color like hazel brown and gold, green and mint, aqua blue and turquoise and other unique colors. If you buy 2 pairs or more, Thedollyeye offers free shipping worldwide. If you buy 3 pairs, you can get one free using the special code 3free1. Each colored lens on Thedollyeye website usually sells for 36,000 won.

Instead of being a lens brand, it is a circle lens store in Korea that belongs to a Japanese company called ARIMATHE, so Lenslala specializes in colored lenses that are usually sold in Japan. Using the Lenslala website, you can easily purchase licensed products safely online. You will have lively eyes with different colored lenses from Lenslala.

All lenses on Lenslala are divided into different categories based on time period (1 day, 1 month, 2 weeks), lens color, price or Japanese brand. Prices for circle lenses range from 10,000 won to 50,000 won. It’s very easy to customize every aspect of our look. From make-up, to clothing and accessories and more, the modern woman has more options than ever – so why should your eyes be an exception?

O Lens Premium Color Contact Lens, Buy Color Contact Lens Online

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to spruce up your entire look, you’ve come to the right place. Experiment with a wider eye look, transform or enhance your existing eye color and more with our collection of colored contacts.

Whether you’re looking to perfect your cosplay, make an impact at the next big Halloween event, or just want a creative accent to jazz up your next outfit all night long, we’ve got something you’ll love in our store.

Here, we offer a wide collection of colored contact lenses

Korean Contact Lenses Brand

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