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Launcher App Ios – Apple’s new home screen widgets in iOS 14 are great – the only problem is that there aren’t enough of them! Fortunately, Launcher – a smart and free utility for iOS – is here to help. Using the app makes it possible to create your own custom widget out of thin air.

We’ve talked about Launcher before: it’s a smart and simple app for creating custom shortcuts on iOS. Thanks to the new update, you can now add it

Launcher App Ios

Launcher App Ios

And what’s more, it couldn’t be easier. First, open the Launcher and choose the size of the widget you want to create – large, medium or small (also known as “classic”). You will see a title for each. To start creating a Launcher widget, tap Add New and select an action to add to your shortcut.

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There are many options to choose from. Contact Launcher lets you create shortcuts based on contacts, such as “Call Dad” or “Message Alert.” App Launcher lets you create app-based shortcuts, such as “Add New Event” for the Calendar app or “Email someone” for Mail. You can also create a launcher for your favorite web pages or to get home directions. There are many different types of launchers to choose from, so spend some time playing around.

When you open the Launcher widget, you can tap Background to change the background color, or the label to change the font. Then, when you like to add new widgets to your iPhone’s home screen, exit the app.

Launcher allows you to build on the basics of Apple’s Home screen in a way that normally wouldn’t be possible. Whether that means creating custom shortcuts, app icons for things that aren’t apps, or even adding a fancy background to designate a section of the screen as a fake expanded folder, the choice is yours.

From here, it’s simple navigation. To add Launcher-created widgets to your iPhone’s home screen, long-press the iOS app and select Edit Home Screen. Next, tap the plus (+) icon at the top left and scroll down to the Launcher app icon.

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Here, you will be able to browse all your custom widgets. To add one to your Home screen, tap Add Widget. You just need to go to the perfect place.

While Launcher is free, you only get three widgets (one of each size) and some of the app’s more interesting features, such as Custom Launcher, are not available. The good news is that while Launcher Pro normally costs $10/£10, it often sells for less.

Even if you like a lot of custom widgets, the free version of Launcher should be more than enough. Pick up the app now, and start with some When Greg Gardner, an independent developer based in San Francisco, released Launcher for iOS last year, he didn’t think that the practical utility would make headlines on tech blogs and lead other developers to approach widgets for iOS. 8 in a different way. However, after months of not being available on the App Store despite being first approved in September 2014, the Launcher will be covered (and used as an example) by the media again. The launcher has been re-licensed by Apple, and now returns to the App Store with the same features it did six months ago.

Launcher App Ios

“They basically said that Launcher was a hit in uncharted territory and they felt they had to make an example of it,” wrote Gardner in a blog post that was shared widely in December 2014. Post – reportedly picked up by big tech publications as well. indie voice – comes at an interesting time, as many are wondering what has changed in Apple’s App Review process after the iOS 8 launch. But, more importantly, this is a clear conclusion to the story of Launcher, an application created by a single developer and based on a clever concept of using new technology in iOS 8 to make the function of launching applications to speed up.

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Launcher is an application launcher for the Information Center. In June 2014, Apple announced iOS 8, which, among several features, includes widgets – extensions to the application that will allow users to see pieces of data directly from the current Information Center view. Gardner—who had decided to go full-time with the indie development studio in March—had an idea: what if widgets could provide shortcuts to other applications?

He got to work and, in September 2014, his first iOS 8 app, Launcher, was ready for sale. The launcher, like other app launchers such as Launch Center Pro, takes the complexity out of advanced apps to offer something quick and, in retrospect, obvious: buttons to launch apps and actions from the Notification Center. Users can set their own shortcuts in the Launcher app, which can include message and email shortcuts but also third-party apps that support URL schemes. Then, after adding it to the Notification Center, the Launcher widget displays the shortcut as a button to take the user to the associated app.

The launcher is smart because instead of mimicking the feature set of Launch Center Pro or Draft, it focuses on widgets. The biggest advantage is the ubiquity of the Notification Center: The launcher shortcut can be activated from anywhere in iOS, as the view can now be pulled down in any app. Basically the Launcher allows users to set a Home screen-like overlay with custom shortcuts on the current view – all based on existing technology (URL schemes) and new iOS 8 features.

The app gained huge coverage, and more than 300,000 people downloaded it in the first week on the App Store. I also mentioned it in an early article on iOS 8:

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Launcher adds shortcuts to your favorite apps in Notification Center. Think of it as a simplified version of Launch Center Pro that supports apps that have URL schemes. I added shortcuts to Shazam, Beats Music, Twitter, and Swarm in the widget, but you can also set shortcuts for websites and contacts. Alternatively, you can use a URL scheme and open it as a custom shortcut from the current view.

The launcher may be built on top of questionable iOS technology (Apple has never encouraged the use of URL schemes as user-facing shortcuts), but its success has proven that there is a demand for the ability to quickly launch applications from widgets. While Contrast and Agile Tortoise chose to wait with widgets for Launch Center Pro and Draft (two applications that also revolve around the idea of ​​opening other applications), Gardner has done it, and Launcher is very successful.

On September 23, 2014, Gardner was informed that widgets with the type of functionality seen in the Launcher would no longer be allowed in the App Store. No specific violations of the App Store Review Guidelines were cited — according to a note on Cromulent Labs’ website, Launcher “misuses” the widget, and Gardner will have a few days to remove the widget or pull the entire app. from sales. Three days later, Gardner tried to send an update with a tweaked widget, but Apple refused and removed the Launcher from the App Store. “I hope to give you all the heads up so that the app can be removed”, Gardner wrote in a message to customers.

Launcher App Ios

The removal of Launcher led to more coverage for the app, but more importantly, it started a conversation about a series of app rejections and reauthorizations that have baffled the iOS developer community for months. Most, like Launcher, are applications based on the new iOS 8 technology and previously approved for the September debut of the new OS.

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In late October, Apple asked James Thompson, the developer of the popular PCalc calculator, to remove the app’s iOS 8 widgets. The following day, the decision was overturned and Thomson was ordered to keep the widget.

Greg Pierce, the indie developer behind Agile Tortoise, needs to remove widgets that contain buttons from the Draft note-taking app; two weeks later, the widget was restored.

Panic, an established name in the OS X and iOS software scene, had the same problem with Transmit, a file manager and transfer application for iPhone and iPad: first, Apple rejected the approved iCloud Drive implementation, another new iOS 8. features; then, a few days later, Panic was informed that the iCloud Drive integration could remain in the app.

The problem with these rejections is not that Apple chooses to reject certain apps or ask developers to use the functionality and reinstall them: as the App Store gatekeeper, Apple certainly can and will continue to monitor them. app notification to ensure the overall quality and safety of the market. However, problems, doubts and criticisms arise due to the lack of guidelines and consistency written by Apple to apply the rules for

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Before the release of the OS in September, the company approves several applications, showing them on the home page of the App Store

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