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List Of Companies Germany – The buyers who bought this product were also interested in the List of 1500 largest industrial companies in Germany.

Our list of Germany’s largest companies in Excel is a unique, unparalleled product. With just a few clicks, you can download the latest overview (last update: 09/14/2021) of the German business world, filter the relevant contacts and contact them by mail, mail or phone.

List Of Companies Germany

List Of Companies Germany

The following statistic provides useful information about our unique Excel list. We will show you which industries are covered in what detail, which federal states are particularly represented and which cities most of the companies in our list originate from.

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It is easy to see from the bar graph that the German economy is based on many strong industrial companies. We have over 1500 industrial companies in our database. But other industries also play a role: the chemical industry with over 600 applications, or the trade and food industry with over 300 applications. Growing industries such as IT are also part of our database.

Most companies come from North Rhine-Westphalia – according to population data. More than 800 companies from our list are located in the western federal state. The industrial south is also heavily represented by Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria.

Most of the companies on our list are located in the top three cities: Munich, Berlin and Hamburg. Other relevant cities include Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.

The 5,000 largest German companies are located throughout the Federal Republic. There is a strong concentration in traditionally strong economic regions such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. There are also hundreds of companies in the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar region. In addition, large cities such as Hamburg, Berlin and Munich host a number of high margin companies.

German Car Brands, Companies And Manufacturers

Our unique database of best selling companies in Germany forms the basis of a number of target lists. These include the largest companies in various industries or fields of activity.

Here are all the data points contained in the Excel list, using the example of the largest German company – Volkswagen AG:

Of course! You can download the list of the top 20 German companies for free or email us to contact [at] or via Live-Chat to get a free preview with 5 outstanding entries. Our support looks forward to helping you.

List Of Companies Germany

We look forward to your request to contact [at] or through our chat. After you tell us which section (region, industry, income, etc.) applies to you, we will make you a suitable offer.

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Listed companies can be found from various sources: Internet research, public registries, analysis of relevant news, investigation of relevant transactions, our extensive personal network. Hundreds of hours of detailed, high-quality research are dedicated to each of our lists. All data points that we can determine from publicly available sources are included in our lists.

Each data point for which information is publicly available is populated on our lists. However, if we don’t have an email address, or if we don’t know if a company is investing in a particular area, we will fill this field with “no”. In most cases, we achieve over 90% data coverage. If you want to know the exact scope of the list, e.g. how many email addresses are available – our team will be happy to help you.

Our lists are always presented as handy Excel files. Upon request, we can also send you the list as a CSV file.

After purchasing the list, you can immediately download the list as an Excel file when paying by credit card or PayPal. You will also receive a download link via email. Future free updates will also be emailed to you. If you pay in advance, you will receive the list after the amount has been credited to our account or after you send us a bank transfer receipt.

Filter Your Search With Company Lists & Personal Exclusion List

We have noted the date of the last update in the product description at the top of the page. We update our listings regularly. Our clients receive free updates and additions to the list for at least 12 months.

Our listings include, where publicly available, the addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and names of executives of the listed companies. For privacy reasons, we may only include information that is in the public domain or provided by companies. If there are no data points available, there is “no”. in the corresponding field.

Include personal email addresses and phone numbers. Our listings contain public or company-provided contact details (email address, telephone number, mailing address, directors’ names).

List Of Companies Germany

Any personal contact data specifically protected by the European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). Our listings always include public data points (official registers such as the Commercial Register or the Federal Gazette, the Internet, company websites) or data voluntarily provided by companies and are therefore harmless.

List Of The 1,500 Largest Industrial Companies In Germany

In Germany, contact is regulated by §7 UWG. Thus, mail-order advertising is generally allowed in the B2B sector. Telephone contact is permitted if a business contact may be of interest. This can also be accepted for an email contact if the contact is made once and the contact is not included in unsolicited newsletters.

We are not lawyers and cannot make legally binding statements. If you have open questions, please contact us.

Companies on the lists can be contacted in many ways – by phone, by letter, by email, through networks such as LinkedIn, co-attended trade fairs. In order to establish successful contacts, it is especially important to work on individual addresses adapted to the respective companies. Mass mailings are rarely successful. Instead, our clients are most successful when they tune in to the companies on our lists, get the information, and then approach them individually. Another successful method is to reach them via LinkedIn, for example by choosing the right contact person from our list and then reaching out to them through an agreed starting point. Intros, which are passed through shared links, are also a good step towards establishing a connection. Also possible: at exhibitions that are attended together, you can use the exhibition lists to specifically search for companies included in the lists and make appointments for meetings.

In general: the more effort put into an individual method, the more successful it is. Think about suitable entry points, how you can add value and show referral companies that you have put in a lot of effort to connect. Many of our clients have already built valuable and successful business relationships.

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We will be happy to help you in case of questions, comments and individual wishes. Contact us via email, chat or phone. We can also offer you package prices and we can create customized listings.

Our current database of the largest companies in Germany has been created as a result of many years of work and research. Our unique database of Germany’s largest companies can be downloaded as a handy Excel file after purchase. It contains a large number of relevant data points. Starting with the branches of companies and ending with turnover, contact details and names of managing directors. Our clients use this list to attract new clients, search for partners and research the market.

A feature of the list of the largest companies in Germany is the classification of companies by industry. The industry classification has been created based on the main business of the companies and makes it easy to filter the Excel list by the relevant companies for the corresponding problem. The following industries can be seen in the overview (including sample companies):

List Of Companies Germany

To give you an idea of ​​our list of the largest companies in Germany, we present in detail the top 25 companies with the highest income in Germany. Let us dwell in more detail on the field of activity and the current state of the company. You can get an overview of the German economy: the focus is on technology, the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

Name German Car Brands

The VW Group is undoubtedly the largest car manufacturer in Germany and is in a constant battle with Toyota and General Motors for the best spot in the world. In addition to the Volkswagen brand, the Volkswagen Group owns the following brands: Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat and Skoda. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, including the MAN and Scania brands, is a separate division. Visit Wales operates worldwide with over 650,000 employees.

Update 2021: Volkswagen sales fell 12 percent in 2020 due to the coronavirus. With its forthcoming “TOGETHER – Strategy 2025” program, the largest German car manufacturer aims to become a world leader in sustainable mobility. Targets include: 33 e-models by 2025, expansion of battery technology and autonomous driving.

Mercedes-Benz represents premium vehicles worldwide and is the best known brand of Daimler AG. In addition, the automotive group is engaged in the production of vans, trucks and buses. The heart of Daimler beats at two plants in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and Sindelfingen. Production is carried out worldwide with approximately 300,000 employees.

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Handout) A Vw Handout Dated 14 August 2013 Shows Three Compact Cars Made By Volkswagen Group Companies In Berlin, Germany. They Top The Automotive Environmental List (auto Umweltliste) For 2013/14. The List From

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