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Mac Os App – In macOS Catalina, your iTunes library is now available in the Apple Music app, the Apple TV app, the Apple Books app, and the Apple Podcasts app. Now you can manage and sync content on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the Finder.

In macOS Catalina, your music, videos, podcasts, and audiobooks are organized into separate apps: the Apple Music app, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books. These apps give you access to iTunes Store purchases

Mac Os App

Mac Os App

You can still use iTunes for Windows on your computer to manage your library, make purchases, and manually sync and manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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You can back up, update, or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the Finder. Just connect the device to your Mac and it will appear in the Finder sidebar. Easily drag and drop files to your device.

After updating to macOS Catalina, simply open the Apple Music or Apple TV app to use your iTunes library in the new apps. How many iTunes libraries? Learn how to switch between libraries in macOS Catalina.

When you open Apple Podcasts or Apple Books, you won’t see your media right away. To do this, open the Apple Music or Apple TV app.

Here you can find your entire media library and access iTunes Store purchases and synced libraries.

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The Apple Music app is where you’ll find all your music, including music you’ve imported into iTunes or purchased from the iTunes Store, as well as playlists and Smart Playlists you’ve created in iTunes. With an Apple Music subscription, you can stream and download millions of songs and access your entire library on all your devices.

Now you can find all your favorite movies, TV shows and videos in the Apple TV app – including all your iTunes purchases. Browse movies and TV shows to rent, buy and subscribe to the channels you want to watch Soon you’ll be able to discover new favorite movies on Apple TV+

You can now find all the shows you’ve subscribed to or added to iTunes in the Apple Podcasts app. Keep listening to your favorite podcast episodes. And discover new shows you might like based on the shows you already subscribe to.

Mac Os App

Now you can find all your audiobooks, including iTunes purchases, in the Apple Books app Discover interesting new books in the bookstore. Or buy new audiobooks from the audiobook store to listen on the go.

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Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Books are not available in all countries and regions. Find out what’s available in your country or region. macOS Ventura offers powerful productivity tools and new collaboration features that make the Mac experience better than ever

CUPERTINO, Calif., today unveiled a preview of MacOS Ventura, the latest version of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system, taking the Mac experience to a whole new level. Stage Manager gives Mac users a whole new way to focus on the task at hand while seamlessly switching between applications and windows. Camera Handover uses your iPhone as a Mac webcam to do things that weren’t possible before.

With FaceTime Handoff, users can start a FaceTime call on their iPhone and continue it uninterrupted on their Mac. Mail and Messages get great new features that make the apps better than ever Safari, the world’s fastest browser on Mac

– Predict the future without a password with a passcode. With your choice of powerful chips and new Metal 3 developer tools, gaming on Mac is better than ever.

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“macOS Ventura delivers powerful features and innovations that make the Mac experience even better. New tools like Stage Manager make it easier and faster than ever to focus on tasks and switch between apps and windows. Camera Handoff Desktop View, Studio Light and more new video conferencing features for every Mac,” said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering. “With powerful new features in Messages, improved search technology in Mail and an improved design for Spotlight, Ventura has a lot to offer and customers who use it will expand their Macs in many ways.”

Stage Manager automatically organizes open applications and windows so users can focus on their work and still keep everything organized. The currently active window is clearly displayed in the center and other open windows are displayed on the left, allowing users to quickly and easily switch between tasks. Users can combine windows when working on specific tasks or projects that require different applications. Stage Manager works with other macOS window tools like Mission Control and Space. Users can now access their desktop with just one click.

With Camera Transfer, Mac users can use their iPhone as a webcam. This opens up new possibilities that were not available before with webcams. With powerful collaboration features, Mac computers can automatically detect and use the iPhone’s camera when iPhone is nearby without waking or selecting it. The iPhone can even connect wirelessly to a Mac for even more flexibility.

Mac Os App

Camera Handover brings innovative features to all Macs, such as tracking mode, portrait mode and the new Studio Light, an effect that perfectly illuminates a person’s face and darkens the background. In addition, the camera works with the iPhone’s ultra-wide camera to activate Desktop View, which simultaneously shows a top view of the user’s face and desktop — perfect for DIY videos, FaceTime skits, and more.

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Desk View uses the iPhone’s ultra-wide camera to show a bird’s-eye view of a person’s face and desk simultaneously.

Casting is now available for FaceTime. This allows users to start a FaceTime call on one device and continue it uninterrupted on another nearby device. Users who are currently in a FaceTime call on their iPhone or iPad can transfer it to their Mac with one click. Or they start a call on their Mac and switch to their iPhone or iPad when they want to continue the conversation on the go.

Safari delivers the fastest, most energy-efficient browsing experience on Mac with pioneering privacy features MacOS Ventura gives users a powerful new way to surf together in Safari: With shared tab groups, friends, family and colleagues can share their favorite pages in Safari and see what others are viewing. Users can create a list of bookmarks on the shared home page and start a conversation in Messages or FaceTime calls directly in Safari. A great feature for planning a trip together or doing research for a project.

Mail has undergone its biggest search overhaul in years and now uses cutting-edge technology to deliver more relevant, accurate and comprehensive results. Users can quickly find what they’re looking for—recent emails, contacts, documents, photos, and more—before they even start typing. All you have to do is click on the search field. Users can schedule emails and cancel delivery after the Send button,

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And Mail now intelligently detects when elements such as attachments or recipients are missing from a message. Users can create email reminders to follow up on a specific day or time, or receive automatic suggestions for unanswered emails.

In the Messages app, you can edit or cancel recently sent messages, mark a message as unread, or recover accidentally deleted messages.

New collaboration features make working with others faster and smoother. When users now share a file via messages using a share mask or drag and drop, they can choose to share or work on a copy of the shared document. When collaboration is desired, everyone in the conversation is automatically added to messages When someone changes a shared document, updates of that activity appear at the top of the conversation Users can join messages in SharePlay sessions directly from their Mac to share and participate in synchronized experiences.

Mac Os App

Spotlight has received a redesigned design that simplifies navigation. New features make the user experience more consistent across devices and the Overview feature displays file previews Users can now find their photos in photo libraries across all systems and the web You can even search photos with live text based on location, people, scenes or objects and text on images. To be even more productive, users can now perform actions through Spotlight, such as start a timer, create a new document, or launch a shortcut. Spotlight offers comprehensive results for artists, movies, actors and TV shows, as well as business and sports.

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With iCloud Shared Photo Library, users can create their own photo library and share it with up to six family members so everyone can enjoy their family photos. Users can share existing photos from their personal library or specify which photos are added by start date or people.

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