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Mcguire Automotive Ithaca Ny – The Maguire Family of Dealerships has abandoned plans to move Maguire Nissan from its temporary location on West Genesee Street to a larger site on Hiawatha Boulevard. Rick Moriarty | rmoriarty@

, New York. – The Maguire family of dealerships has abandoned plans to move its Nissan dealership to a larger site because new federal floodplain construction requirements made the move too expensive.

Mcguire Automotive Ithaca Ny

Mcguire Automotive Ithaca Ny

Philip Maguire, president of Ithaca-based Auto Group, said the Federal Emergency Management Agency has significantly increased height requirements for new buildings in the floodplains, leaving the company’s low-lying site at the intersection of Hiawatha and State boulevards. built near Kirmash on “Daragoy” boulevard.

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Maguire announced plans in 2016 to move the Nissan dealership from West Genesee Street to a new 59,800-square-foot building he planned to build next to his Dodge Ram dealership on Hiawatha Boulevard. But the project has been delayed due to Nissan’s corporate crisis, which has adversely affected the brand’s sales and global operations, he said.

The chairman of the director of the Nissan Motor Company, Carlos Ghosn, was arrested in Japan in November 2018 on charges of understating revenues and misappropriating company funds. Nissan soon fired him. Ghosn fled Japan while on bail and is currently on the run in Lebanon.

In 2015, the Maguire Group purchased the Bill Rapp Nissan franchise at 3446 Burnet Ave and moved it to 716W. Moved into the former Saturn dealership on Genesee St. while looking for a permanent location.

Maguire said he still considers the West Genesee Street location temporary until he finds another, larger location for the Nissan dealership.

March / April 2022

The auto group moved its Chrysler Jeep dealership, which it attached to its Dodge Ram dealership last year, from Lowry Brothers on West Genesee Street to Hiawatha Boulevard. The move did not require the construction of a new building. However, the company plans to renovate and expand an existing building on the property because additions that expand more than 50% of the building are not subject to the new FEMA requirements.

The Maguire Family of Dealerships plans to renovate and expand its Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep dealership at the intersection of Hiawatha Boulevard and State Fair Boulevard. Rick Moriarty | rmoriarty@

According to plans filed with city officials, the changes include a car service area, showroom renovations and expanded service and office space for staff and service technicians. Plans for the $18 million project also include a five-story car display tower visible from nearby Interstate 690, but Maguire said a final decision on the tower will be made after construction bids are received.

Mcguire Automotive Ithaca Ny

The expansion is expected to add 17 jobs to the 73 already at the dealership. Construction is expected to begin later this year.

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Maguire applied to the Industrial Development Agency for $2.4 million in tax credits for the expansion and renovation. The exemptions would include a $1.5 million property tax rebate over 10 years, a $771,408 building materials sales tax rebate and a $100,000 state mortgage tax rebate.

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If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation. LANSING, NEW YORK STATE. — Phil Maguire, CEO of the Maguire Family of Dealerships, is an entrepreneurial example of the old adage, “If you fail at first, try, try again.”

The first attempt, back in 2014, was an “artisan” car dealership campus in the city of Ithaca that was put on hold due to zoning disagreements. The second effort was a trio of dealerships proposed for Carpenter Business Park; As readers will recall, the city was never keen on the idea of ​​a cluster of car dealerships near the waterfront, and some legal tactics (albeit legally dubious tactics) were used to prevent Maguire’s from being built on the site. The city approached the Maguires about a third location, in Southwest Park near Walmart. However, it did not go anywhere. He’s caught between the need for a place to dump sewage dug up by dredging operations in the bay and a homeless encampment the city doesn’t want to evict. Maguire bought several nearby properties with money from the highly profitable sale of Carpenter Business Park to Cayuga Medical Center, but otherwise the 440-person dealership isn’t building its future on the site.

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Having hit a growth wall several times, the company decided to do what it could, where it could.

The first was a 504 S from the 1980s Maguire Ford Lincoln dealership. A major renovation and expansion is underway on Meadow St. The plan, which just passed the city planning board, calls for the demolition of the existing 18,500-square-foot building. , a 265-square-foot portion and a 7,875-square-foot addition building for a larger auto and parts service area, expansion of customer service and restroom facilities, and office and showroom reconfiguration.

Regulars driving through South Meadow might want to stop for a moment to scratch the back of their head — isn’t it the home of a Ford, Lincoln and Nissan dealership? The answer is yes, and that’s the second step. The village of Lansing was presented this week with a sketch plan for a new 25,235-square-foot Nissan dealership to be built on a vacant lot east of Maguire Chevrolet Cadillac (formerly Bill Cook Chevrolet Cadillac) on Maguire Cinema Drive. to do

Mcguire Automotive Ithaca Ny

“We’ve been working on these projects for a number of years, and not only do we need to update the existing facilities, but we also have some growth and expansion of existing franchises that require more space. This land acquisition and renovation “There will be ongoing efforts for (the existing building) and it is usually a long process to deal with a development that can deal with specific needs and requests from architectural design, location, square meters and parking,” said Maguire.

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The impetus for these renovations and new dealerships comes from several sources. First, Tompkins County is growing in population and as a regional employment center. Although the county is committed to smart growth and alternative transportation (and is believed to have made progress on these initiatives), most of the new housing is being built in the county’s more suburban and coastal rural areas. Second, car manufacturers expect dealerships to be updated and updated regularly to meet the brand’s sales, service and aesthetic needs. Failure to keep up with the wishes of the brand and the style and services of the car manufacturer may result in the franchisee’s contract being voided.

Given Maguire’s problems with building new dealerships, this puts them in a difficult position; It was becoming less a case of looking for new opportunities and more of a situation where if they didn’t have a ready decorated space soon, it would give away their franchise rights to new car sales and authorization. service provider can put you at risk. They sell many brands. Some Voice readers will probably welcome it (guys, we read the comments), but the 440 or so people who work at the dealership will not.

“There seems to be a very negative attitude towards cars in relation to environmental issues, and climate change has certainly been a factor. But transportation is important, and the automobile is evolving. Cars will not be the future of transportation.. With the development of hybrid cars and alternative fuels, they will be compatible and have no carbon footprint. The future is bright from a transportation perspective,” Maguire said.

In his opinion, the biggest obstacle was not philosophical and environmental arguments against cars, but zoning problems in the construction and renovation of dealerships.

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“From a development point of view, we are mainly talking about parking lots. The difference I always try to look for is the level of parking usage. Large retailers will have extensive parking lots, but they may only have 10-15 percent usage on any given day. In our business, which consists of car showrooms and repair lots, every lot we have is almost or more than 100 percent occupied. I’m actually trying to advocate for more thoughtful zoning that takes into account percentage of use, how much space you’re using. It is not one size fits all. “

When asked about future plans, Maguire detailed several projects the company hopes to launch in the next few years. First up will be the renovation and modernization of the Chevrolet Cadillac dealership in Lansing, which the firm recently purchased after leasing the space for several years. Next up is a new Hyundai location and a new Subaru dealership. “Subaru is one of Ithaca’s favorite brands,” he reflected. There are also plans to continue expanding into the Syracuse market.

As the market grows, so do the jobs. As the Ford Lincoln dealership expands into the Nissan space and the Nissan dealership moves to the new Lansing location, Maguire estimates 20 to 30 jobs will be created.

Mcguire Automotive Ithaca Ny

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