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Mcguire Ithaca Ny – In 2017, McGuire Development Company and L Enterprises acquired four lots in downtown Ithaca to continue transforming Ithaca Commons into a vibrant place that attracts energetic and creative renters. Harolds Square is the first 12-story multipurpose building in the heart of downtown Ithaca, just minutes from Cornell University and Ithaca College. Harolds Square offers 78 luxury apartments and 70,000 square feet of commercial space. This project will provide ‘new’ retail, commercial housing and office stock on Ithaca Commons. The project will enhance Ithaca Commons and encourage tourists, residents and staff to “live, work and play” in a vibrant community.

Designed and built with sustainability in mind, the Harolds Square building has received NYSERDA Level 3 certification: The Harolds Square building will use at least 40% less energy than a similar building.

Mcguire Ithaca Ny

Mcguire Ithaca Ny

Harolds Square is mixed-use – consisting of professional offices, apartment buildings and retail stores. The team behind Harolds Square doesn’t just focus on sustainability, but also on creating a sanctuary where residents can escape the daily stresses of life. To achieve this goal, the team created a custom scent that works with the body’s olfactory system to create a meditative state of mind as soon as you cross the threshold of the building. In addition to the custom scent, the team created a relaxation studio for tenants to meditate on, as well as a rooftop terrace to enjoy unparalleled views of Lake Cayuga. In addition to the physical design of the building, creating a sanctuary, Harolds Square is pet-friendly and features a state-of-the-art dog washing station.

Ymca Of Ithaca And Tompkins County Names New Ceo

“We knew that we could not do a project of this magnitude with any company. We wanted a law firm that would provide information on costs, space requirements and deadlines throughout the process.”

“I wanted to take a moment to write to you and thank you for your team’s great response when we lost power in our building. … This level of responsiveness and expertise is something we continue to expect and receive from the McGuire development team. try to…

Our company owns and operates 30 Tim Hortons restaurants in western New York. As the company’s controller, I provide our senior management team with the day-to-day financial aspects of the company, as well as the implementation of our corporate goals and strategy. McGuire has been a great partner in…

“The extensive experience of the McGuire development team helped us with a complex construction project in Orchard Park. McGuire was instrumental in all aspects of the project, from site selection and financial analysis through all phases of construction to project completion. They helped us select other team members, suppliers and subcontractors and…

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“As a non-profit organization, it was important to Meals on Wheels for WNY to partner with a company that could deliver a quality project with financial responsibility. McGuire Development Company’s open book process allowed us to understand every aspect of the project before our shovels hit the ground. It was because…

“By building relationships with my employees, McGuire Development was able to guide CSAT through the process of acquiring a sacred historic building in the area. Building trust within the community was essential to the success of the change and McGuire made every effort to help us achieve this, which made it possible…

“Working on the construction of a new state-of-the-art medical center was a rewarding and positive experience. I heartily recommend the McGuire Development Company and commend them for their innovative, open, and credible business standards.” LANSING, N.Y. – Phil Maguire, CEO of the Maguire Family of Dealers, is the entrepreneurial example of the old saying “If you don’t succeed at first, try, try again.”

Mcguire Ithaca Ny

The first attempt, in 2014, was an “artisanal” concessionary campus in the city of Ithaca, which was interrupted by disagreements over zoning. The second attempt was a trio of proposed merchants for the Carpenter Business Park; As readers will remember, the city was never warm to the idea of ​​a cluster of car dealerships near the waterfront, and through some legal (though legally questionable) tactics it managed to stop the Maguires from building on the site. The city pushed the Maguires to a third location in Southwest Park, near Walmart. However, this got nowhere. It’s between needing a place to drain the loot unearthed while dredging the bay and the homeless encampment the city prefers not to dump. Maguire bought some lots nearby with the proceeds from the very lucrative sale of Carpenter Business Park to Cayuga Medical Center, but other than that the 440-person dealership network isn’t betting its future on the site.

Ithaca Based Maguire To Buy Chevy Dealership In Baldwinsville

After hitting the development wall a few times, the company decided to do what it can, where it can.

The first is a major renovation and expansion of the 1980s Maguire Ford Lincoln dealership at 504 S. Meadow St. This plan, which has just passed the City Planning Board, calls for the removal of the existing 18,500 sq. service areas and expanded restrooms and reconfigured offices and showrooms.

People who regularly travel to South Meadow might stop for a moment to scratch their heads – isn’t the dealership the home of Ford, Lincoln and Nissan? The answer is yes, and that’s step two. This week, Maguire is presenting to the village of Lansing a project plan for a new 25,235 square foot Nissan dealership to be built on a vacant lot east of Maguire Chevrolet Cadillac (formerly Bill Cooke Chevrolet Cadillac) on Cinema Drive.

“We have been developing these projects for several years and we not only had to modernize the existing facilities, but also some growth and expansion of existing franchises that require more space. It has been a constant effort to acquire land and renovate (existing buildings) and it is a time consuming process to deal with overall development which can come with specific needs and requirements from architectural design to location, square footage and parking. -Maguire said.

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The impetus for these renewed and new traders comes from a variety of sources. First, Tompkins County is growing in population and as a regional center of work. As much as the county is pushing for smart growth and alternative transportation (and assuming there is progress on these initiatives), much of the new housing growth is taking place in the more suburban and rural fringes of the county. Second, automakers expect dealerships to be updated and updated regularly to meet the brand’s aesthetic, sales and service needs. Failure to follow the style and service that the brand and the automaker want may terminate the franchisee’s contract.

The problems the Maguires had with building new merchants put them in a difficult position. It was less about looking for new opportunities and more of a situation where, if they didn’t get some spruced up facilities soon, they could risk their franchise rights to sell new cars and be the authorized service provider for the many brands they sell. Some Voice readers would probably appreciate that (we’ve read the comments, folks), but not the 440 or so people who work for the retailer.

“There seem to be a lot of negative perceptions about the car in terms of environmental concerns and they have certainly been a factor in climate change. But transportation is important, and the automobile is evolving. The future of transportation will not make cars disappear. They will adapt and leave little or no carbon footprint with the development of hybrid vehicles and alternative fuels. From a transportation perspective, the future looks bright,” said Maguire.

Mcguire Ithaca Ny

For him, the biggest obstacle was not the philosophical and ecological arguments against cars, but the problems of zoning the construction and renovation of car dealerships.

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“In terms of development, we are mainly talking about parking. The difference, which I always try to point out, concerns the occupation of parking spaces. Larger retail stores will have ample parking lots, but they may only be 10-15% full on any given day. In our business, which are auto shows and repair staging areas, occupancy is close to or above 100% at every location we have. I’m really trying to advocate for more careful zoning that takes usage percentages into account of how much space you’re using. It’s not just a one size fits all.”

When asked about future plans, Maguire described several projects the company hopes to undertake in the coming years. The first would be a renovation and modernization of the Lansing Chevrolet Cadillac dealership, which the company recently acquired after leasing the premises for several years. After that, there are plans for a new Hyundai location and a new Subaru dealership. “Subaru is one of Ithaca’s favorite brands,” he mused. There are also plans to further expand the Syracuse market.

As the market grows, so do the jobs. As

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