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Money Making In Nigeria – What makes a mother use her son as a money making habit? Such was the story of the young and beautiful Ifeoluwa Gbadegoya, whose mother was desperate to become rich, as much as she wanted to join the moneybags and belong to the millionaires’ club by hook or by crook. Early in the morning, madam…

What makes a mother use her son as a money making habit? Such was the story of the young and beautiful Ifeoluwa Gbadegoya, whose mother was desperate to become rich, as much as she wanted to join the moneybags and belong to the millionaires’ club by hook or by crook.

Money Making In Nigeria

Money Making In Nigeria

Early in the morning, Mrs. Risi Gbadegoje lied to her husband that she was going to Ogun State to see her mother. He believed her with all his heart, thinking that his wife was telling the truth, not knowing that she was actually going to a remote village in the thick forest of Ekiti State to consult a powerful juju man. Old and skilled in voodoo, especially in the practice of making money. . .

Smart Ways To Make Money In Nigeria In 2020

Pronto, Mrs. Gbadegoje was already in Adanjeje village in the inland part of Ekiti State where the old herbalist lived. On the same day, a large number of important persons came from afar to the temple of the great elder who bears the sobriquet, “Ikubaba Agba” to see him with all his troubles.

When it was the turn of the brown, tall, chubby and beautiful Mrs. Gbadegoje to meet the highly skilled botanists, she was ushered in quickly. In any case, you must remove your shoes or boots in the presence of strong herbs. So she took off her shoes and sat down beside the old jujube worriedly.

After greeting the elder, Ms. Gbadegoje explained in detail what prompted her to seek help. “I really need money and I can do anything to be rich,” she said confidently.

“Even if you close your lips and refuse to speak, I know your pitiful little girl,” Ikubaba Agba replied in a trembling voice, adjusting a white ritual calabash beside her.

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“Orisha e gba mi, nothing is hidden from the gods,” he continued. “I see thee. I know all that thou knowest not. I have drunk the blood of a lion, I have chewed the teeth of a crocodile, and swallowed death. And I will make thee like medicine out of a net. , and thou shalt go straight where the hooks are.” I am the ultimate master, solver of accidents and crises.

“Take these three cows,” said the farmer to Mrs. Gbadegoje. Place them on your son’s pillow alone while he sleeps. When you put a pillow under him and he wakes up the next morning, you will start hitting millions. Do not doubt the power of the gods, but your child will be useless as a complete cripple for the rest of his life. You must renew this voodoo every seven years.

“All you have to do to improve is find an idiot or a cripple to sleep with you. Then millions of money will flow from the four corners of the world. Orisha, surprise!

Money Making In Nigeria

“Thank you very much, Ikubaba Agba,” Mrs. Gbadegoje said cheerfully, took the three white cows from the limp octogenarian herbalist and left. In the blink of an eye, the woman is back in Lagos.

How To Make Genuine Money Online And Cash Out Without Stress

She did as she was told, and before “cash” was mentioned, she was a multi-millionaire, even in hard currency. Her only 21-year-old son, Ifeoluwa, who was studying 200-level mathematics at university, suddenly fell ill and became disabled. When all hope seemed lost, the young man became a taxi driver and was loved by everyone despite his health problems. Out of shock, he was adopted by his grandmother and started living with her.

Risi was now a very rich woman, and she spent money like tomorrow, as if money were going out of fashion.

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, has announced that Nigeria has signed an agreement with Germany to return over 1,130 looted Benin bronze artefacts.

In commemoration of the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child, a youth-led organization Initiative for Rights and Health Development (IGRHD) launched a project to promote girls’ education and end harmful practices. [d] The organization today launched the “Educate Don’t Distort” Scholarships at Oduduwa College, Ile Ife, Osun State after…

We Curated These Sites To Help You Make Money Online

The Senate President, Alhaj Ahmad Loan, has announced that the National Assembly will pass the 2023 N20.5 trillion Appropriation Bill by the end of December.

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday expressed his confidence in the defeat of his predecessor Donald Trump for re-election in 2024, although he admitted that under his leadership the country could go back into recession. make money online in nigeria in 2022 if you are a graduate or about to graduate, a student or aspiring student or even an employee or whatever your career is.

And if you are a job seeker, one of these 13 best ways to make money online in Nigeria can help you launch your dream career that can lay the foundation for a lifetime of good financial independence.

Money Making In Nigeria

In a country where economic deprivation and unemployment has become a daily thing, the idea of ​​business ideas and ways to make money online in Nigeria and then start it can be like a gold mine that gives people a chance to enter.. the good life.

Best Ways To Make Money Online In 2020

According to, a total of 32.5% of Nigerians were unemployed in 2021 and the unemployment rate is projected to be 33% in 2022. Ways to make money online in Nigeria and therefore starting a business also has several advantages.

With digital development and the democratization of the internet, everyone has become a social media influencer, and finding easy money online doesn’t require hard work and effort, it’s just a simple strategy and commitment.

In 2022, with internet knowledge, your own computer system, laptop or smartphone, access to the internet, and just a few hours a day, if you can use one of these 13 best ways to make money. online in Nigeria you may never be poor or unemployed. Let’s show you our top 13 list.

Blogging business is our first choice in our list of 12 best ways to make money in Nigeria in 2022. You can start a blog with N50,000 to N100,000 or even less. There are several ways to make money blogging as a small business.

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What is blog money? Simply put, monetization means making money from your blog. If you earn income from your website content, that is monetization.

As a blog publisher, advertising can provide you with a healthy income for your online content. Advertisers are willing to pay to reach your audience. Just like a newspaper with a large circulation can advertise, the more popular you are with your website and content, the more you can earn.

You can offer advertising space on your site directly to businesses that want to appear on your content. This is called direct agreement. You can also use an ad network like Google AdSense to sell your ad space on your behalf.

Money Making In Nigeria

AdSense works by showing ads that are relevant to the content of a specific page on your blog. For example, if your blog is about adventure travel and you just published a post about a trip to Rekyavik, AdSense might show an ad for travel insurance, Iceland, or warm clothes. As the owner of the site where the ad is displayed, AdSense pays you when a user sees or interacts with the ad.

How To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

With the ability to create online ads that match your blog’s content and readership, many advertisers are willing to pay for your ad space.

To monetize their blogs, many bloggers create an e-commerce presence, set up an online store, and start selling products.

Affiliate marketing is our second choice in our list of 12 best ways to make money in Nigeria. Affiliate marketing involves linking to your content about a product or service for sale on another site. Here’s how it works: When someone clicks on a link on your site, goes to the affiliate site, and goes on to buy a product you’ve endorsed, you can earn a commission on the sale.

For blogs with an engaged audience of people interested in product recommendations, this can be a viable income stream. Informative, how-to and lifestyle articles provide plenty of opportunities to promote affiliate products.

Online Money Making Sites In Nigeria

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