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Nice Meeting You Email Subject Line – “Just looking”, “Just thinking” and the slightly nervous “I want to talk to you” – well we all know a bad thread when we see one. Entrepreneurs often grossly underestimate the power of a compelling lesson. Just as most top marketers spend half their time on a blog post just writing the headline, significant time should go into the headline that gets clicked, explains John Collins, Director of Content at Intercom.

80% of Warren Buffet’s wealth comes from just 10 investments. 80% of software problems are caused by 20% of errors.

Nice Meeting You Email Subject Line

Nice Meeting You Email Subject Line

It’s called the Pareto Principle Opens a New Window., and it means that a small number will have a disproportionate effect. If you are communicating with customers regularly (if you are not, read our new book on customer engagement, opens a new window) 80% of your success will come from that important-but-overlooked task-focusing clearly, personally. greeting and, of course, the subject line.

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A quick review of your inbox should remind you that beginners have a tendency to underestimate the power of subject lines. If yours is anything like mine, you’ll see “Just Looking”, “Just Thinking” and the mildly nervous “I want to talk to you” style. With emails like this, it doesn’t matter how good your product is, or what’s inside the email. Your hosts will never be so far away.

In the same way that the best editors can spend half of their time on an article, just writing the headline (a blog post for another day), ** a lot more time should go into the subject line that gets opened, clicked and commented. ** .

Short is good but how short? This is no time for purple prose. This is an email. ** You have a few words to play with, so be clear and specific **. When viewed on a desktop, the center box displays approximately 60 characters of the subject line. But most e-mails are read on mobile phones – some estimates say 50%. In that case you can’t be sure that more than 30-40 characters will be seen, meaning less than 6-8 words. You have to get to the point. According to our research, our data bears this out. Emails with subject lines of five words and under had higher response rates (meaning the message was opened and more likely to be read), while longer subject lines were associated with lower response rates.

Of course, it cannot be just five words; you have to make sure they are fun too. Hillary Clinton’s campaign team got big results with simple and personal headlines like “I want to meet you,” “You and me,?”, and my favorite, “Dinner?”. Which brings us nicely to our next point.

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We’ve all become experts at ignoring messages directed at us. In the same way that banner blindness has taught us to ignore animated ads and designed pop-ups, generic, impersonal emails don’t get much. our thoughts too. If we know that the message is not written for us, we do it less.

It is said that a person’s favorite name is their name, and **adding the recipient’s name to your subject line is shown to increase engagement rates** for most users (unless you are a lawyer, that is), especially when used for targeted communication and security emails. (In Intercom you can do this by using the “first name” line of your subjects)

Unfortunately, greedy, lazy organizations have embraced the name of personalization first to make their emails as cheap as possible, relying on the law of large numbers. That’s why some of the types of study lines are optimized for behavior, not just identifying information that is easily collected like your name.

Nice Meeting You Email Subject Line

For example, Airbnb saw great results with a series of personality themes, where each theme was unique based on what you saw. Since there is absolutely zero leverage to communicate inside someone’s box, it makes the most sense to use subject lines that you know people will be interested in.

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Adding questions to the subject line is one of the holy grails of email marketing. That is why you see so much evil. Many subject lines – “Did Jesus and his disciples have a successful start?” – Follow Betteridge’s Rule for names. If the answer is clearly no, your email goes straight to the trash.

Good questions are ones that your audience can relate to or want to know the answer to. Marketing legend Drayton Bird is a master at this, using subject lines that pique his reader’s interest: “What are your values?”, “Running your business?” and my personal favorite, “What if your mother was blind?”

Closed questions like these can be powerful but don’t forget to use open questions as well. ** Open questions cannot be answered by the reader without opening their email **. Here’s a great example from Groove’s CEO trying to re-engage abandoned customers.

There is always a temptation to game the system with lecture lines and copy that pushes buttons rather than clear communication.

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But there is a law of diminishing returns with these types of growth-hacking tips and the effectiveness of your emails will eventually decrease when customers start seeing them. For example, add the words “Win iPhone 8” to the subject line and watch your open rates double, but there’s no significant change in behavior other than disappointing the recipient, who you probably don’t have a metric for.

So here’s the golden rule of subject lines – your subject line should describe the subject of your email. Can the reader tell from the story line what you are writing without going on? If not, why do you insist on thinking about it? You’re not Agatha Christie, and you’re not allowed to confuse your audience, so whatever you’re trying to communicate, say it in your story line.

John Collins is the Director of Content at Intercom, where he strives to shake up the world of content marketing and quality writing. John oversees all of Intercom’s content, including its blog which attracts over 90,000 visitors a month, newsletters, podcasts and books. John is a former business and technology journalist with 20 years of online, newspaper and magazine experience. Before joining Intercom, he was an editor at The Irish Times. Intercom is a consumer messaging platform that helps businesses connect with customers for sales, marketing and support. Today more than 20,000 businesses use Intercom to communicate with billions of people around the world. ?Did you know that 33 percent of email recipients choose to open an email based on the subject line alone? If you want to read your email, you have to open it first. Here are 20 powerful subject lines to test four different types of email communications, along with some helpful tips for creating effective subject lines.

Nice Meeting You Email Subject Line

Here are some tips: Do you want to make sure that your article always looks good? it can save you from spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation mistakes, and other typing problems on all your favorite websites.

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If you have already met, and you are sure that they will remember the meeting with pleasure, it is always useful to mention it.

Referrals usually get you in the door, so don’t be afraid to drop a specific name in the subject line.

You looked at your social media blog and noticed that you both like hockey. This is the end! Breaking the ice (ha ha) by showing shared interest.

If you went to the same college, even if your paths never crossed, use a little school spirit to get your foot in the door.

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We humans love numbers. Email subject lines are usually opened with numbers. Drop a number, then donate to help your contact with a problem and you’ll get their attention.

Let’s say you offer meal plans. A subject line like “How to become an amazing chef in a week” is sure to get attention.

Tell them there are only 3 minutes left (or 24 hours left to save $100, or only 4 magic spike catapults left in stock) and the FOMO begins.

Nice Meeting You Email Subject Line

Lines of study that generate interest are relentlessly suppressed. Wouldn’t you like to know which mineral you may be deficient in? (We don’t even know. We made it up. That’s not what it’s about.) If you can get your recipient interested in finding an answer to something, you can engage them.

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People want to know new things. Campaign Monitor found that emails with “introduced” or “new” in the subject line increased the chances of the email being opened by 9.45% and 3.26% respectively.

This study plays a victim of interest, but it also shows that the recipient may have made serious mistakes, causing the email to be open-ended.

We want to read the contents of the confession. If we did the same thing

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