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Ocean Is Home Apk – How can you survive on a desert island? Search in Ocean is Home: Find food, water and everything necessary for the daily life of a hermit

We’ve all been asked what we’ll take with us to a desert island … in fact, if we end up in such a place at all, we’ll make do with the natural elements around us … no light weight, compass, read or anything like that.

Ocean Is Home Apk

Ocean Is Home Apk

In the Android game Ocean is Home we can simulate this survival situation. As soon as the game starts, the player realizes that apart from the animals, he is completely alone and must take all necessary measures to survive on the island.

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In order to continue the game and not starve, drown or be attacked by creatures, the player must complete the following tasks:

If the player dies, they will start over and lose all their inventory, even their first knife, so be careful!

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Ocean Is Home

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island MOD APK is a Hoang Island survival game, but as it is, it’s not as good as it sounds. Vi sao đoi thoi invite them to continue reading the next part theo koi ri.

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is basically the same as any island survival game you’ve ever played. However, it is not here.

But not just at the level of going back and forth. Ocean Is Home: Survival Island allows you to build more “superior” things: nha nha (pocket nhi resort nhe), base, nha kho moi va cu đen. Make a car to drive around the island, make some modern guns to fight the enemies on the island.

Ocean Is Home Apk

For some reason you were taken to a deserted island. The game starts when you realize that you have to find a way to survive in this place. The village will have to earn food, build a house, collect resources, make all the necessary tools, vehicles and weapons. Lam gi lam, finally, still alive la still everyone.

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Luc choi, you are free to go anywhere, free to explore the vast environment around you. If you see what you need, depending on the time, feel free to collect the necessary tools and make them yourself. Kua gian, tai nuoc len cao, ban co mot ra mot mot mot tum tung tung, advanced technology. Even other means of easier movement, crossing and movement on the island.

If this situation happened in real life, what would you do first? Jack Lo is like a strong game, you have to collect resources, extract wood, stone. Because I can ban all these things. Ban will need them to build houses, produce items, daily necessities and basic weapons, and produce electricity. Nha thi dat tran trung, guot ban an toan, che rain che suni va co tac dat cua khan kia. The weapon is used for shooting, self-defense and shooting. Tools for finding food, planting, farming, storing water.

The quality of life gradually improved. You are also familiar with the thought that you have to live and exist here. Even a long-term settlement. I think it gradually changes to help you change your lifestyle, actively try to do more things to survive and survive. Make a difference, make a difference, and then upgrade the special transportation system to get around the island comfortably to do it.

Lai thought about what to do if something dangerous suddenly hit the island. Tac Ban re hi noc continuously produces different types of weapons, builds an entire fortress and repairs than moi tru tang tian

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When playing, you must always remember the principle of survival with any Face to Death survival game.

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The nutrition index reflects the character’s poor condition. VA CACH DUI NHOT DUT ĐENH ĐENHNH ĐENH ĐENH ĐENH DUNG HEALTHY LA ĐOT MGOT ĐENG ĐENG ĐENG ĐENG ĐENG ĐENG ĐENG ĐENG ĐENH ĐENG ĐENG ĐENH ĐENH ĐENH ĐENHNH DaNG HEALTHY. And health is an indicator that can come from within, such as a cold, illness or exhaustion. The way to recover is rest, supplementing with food and using medicines. Finally, the mental index shows the body’s ability to relax and enjoy itself. If this index decreases, then the best way to wake up the spirit is to go to sleep and rest.

Ocean Is Home Apk

It is also 3D, the color of this survival game is very bright, like “Phiea mot la buong trong con au”, only that content lighted the spirit of happiness at the player’s place so that they can catch it. The beginning of everything ian cach nhithet c.

March 27, 2005

Character movement and actions are one of the important factors that make the quality of the game similar. In Ocean Is Home: Survival Island, you’ll see it as if you’re doing everything yourself. The first view, varied and realistic, adjusts almost automatically so that you can easily observe the surroundings. The DIY process is lively, simulates physics well, and connects with the player. They can only transport you from this job to Kia’s job.

The character’s heart and emotions are also shown quite deeply. Nhat la when you face pain in the body. You can see the character frown and feel very alone at this moment. Nguyen ta bau khong tai gi tai cu nuoi la dan.

Am thanh also la đen đen khong thu khong đao trong. If so,,, you ếìêếếrếrế qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu qu ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku ku All in one game.

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island has chosen its own path, quite bold, to stand out and differentiate itself from many other survival games. You not only live, but work hard, upgrade and modernize everything, turning yourself into a real island god.

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