Ocean Is Home Walkthrough

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Ocean Is Home Walkthrough – Being stranded on a deserted island can be terrifying. If you don’t know anything about survival, you have no choice but to make do with what you have. That’s why it’s important to learn some basic survival tips because you never know when you’ll need them. When you go camping, you already have the things you need. But when you’re stranded on a deserted island with no emergency equipment, you have to raise everything from scratch. That’s what Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is all about. You have to find food and build a house just to survive.

Ocean Is Home: Survival Island is about being stranded on an island and having no choice but to find ways to survive. To build a house you need to collect stones, sticks and other raw materials. You also need to craft weapons that you can use to hunt for food. The best part is that the entire island is free to explore. It’s like going on an island vacation, but without the necessities and amenities to help you live comfortably. You have to do everything yourself. Do you have what it takes to be a survivor?

Ocean Is Home Walkthrough

Ocean Is Home Walkthrough

If you want to play Ocean Is Home: Survival Island and want to start yourself, you can follow this guide to help you. These tips can ensure your safety.

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The main goal of this game is to survive. You can only do this if you know how to craft and build items. In addition, you should make a list of things you want to survive: a knife, a stone pickaxe, a campfire, a well, stone tools, a wooden bench, and two medium inventory boxes. They are all fine. You can also make a tanning rack to save some deer skin. At level 6 you have to do the things you need to survive mentioned above. At level 13, you need to craft a weapon, so you need to collect 200X metal ores and sulfur ores for ammunition.

For level 17 you can make a garden bed and complete the foundation of your house from over 20x foundations. At level 23, you should complete the first floor with a 40x base. Also make a power generator and a large first aid kit to store food or water in case of an emergency. In this stage, you can now face the zombies in the Zombie Base.

This is just a quick overview of what you will face when you start playing Ocean Is Home: Survival Island. But when you play it, you will face other challenges.

Being stranded on an island without electricity means you always have to use a flashlight or start a fire. If you do this to get a better range of vision, then it is highly recommended not to use it too often so you can save more fabric. To see more clearly, increase the brightness of the device you are playing on.

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Another tip is not to face the wild boar. The most effective way to kill a boar or bear is to use a gun instead. If they manage to hurt you, you lose health and cannot regenerate. So you will need to use a first aid kit and bandages. Finally, it’s best to avoid injuries like jumping from a high point because you’ll lose 50 health.

Another quick tip that’s very important is don’t go to the Mutant base because it’s not worth it. They just give you two metal shards with 2000 health. So if you plan on doing that, you’ll need a lot of ammo to bring it back to life.

You should note that your mining equipment will expire before mining. So if you find that your tools are about to expire but you want to go and mine, create new tools first. Also, don’t create tools that consume resources that you use frequently when they expire, as it will take time to collect them again.

Ocean Is Home Walkthrough

When you’re ready to mine and want a large amount of the same item, the trick is to mine them first. For example, metal ore mining. You first need to collect all the items and then move away from the area. Once you return, the metal ore regenerates automatically. But it won’t make up for it if you stay. So you have to leave first.

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You also need to make sure you save the game so it doesn’t restart again and you don’t lose your items. Change the time and date in your device settings so the game will reset everything. Sometimes it takes three days, sometimes a month if charcoal. Also, don’t go back to the present because you won’t be able to do things. Use Respawn instead.

When you are planning to build a house, make sure you build it on Hornet Island because you will find more resources here. Since it’s a large island, you’ll find plenty of resources that you can use to craft glass, metal, and sulfur. You can also find charcoal and clay that you can use as a foundation for your home. However, you can only find sulfur and silicon on the small island.

The small island is also known as Farmers Island where you can also harvest wood. It’s different from stone because when you harvest wood, the tree regenerates after harvesting. So if you choose two trees, they should be close to your house so you don’t have to leave and go far. This way it will be easier for you to harvest wood and craft at the same time.

You can see the Respawn button in the upper left corner of the screen. Tapping on it will take you back to your initial position on either Hornet Island or Farmers Island. So if you’re in danger, tap Respawn to get out of trouble. This will save time and five cans of oil. Additionally, the button’s cooldown is 120 seconds, and you can’t use it when you’re near an airport, village, or zombie base. But you can use it in gas stations, underwater or oil wells.

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Now that you know these helpful tips, be sure to remember them every time you play Ocean is Home: Survival Island. Play it on PC now with !

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