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Ocean Of Games Apk – Survive only when there is a big storm in the sea, what will you do, choose to leave and leave fate or try your last breath to survive around the waves? Survival Survival MOD APK will bring you the world of survival in a “fun” way.

Life is full of surprises. Your job is to be mentally prepared before the “big storm” actually hits. The last two years of global catastrophe seem to be the best examples of the unpredictable nature of this life. Therefore, it is understandable that in a short time, survival games have become popular and popular. But maybe it’s time we really learn to live in the worst situations. Because everything is possible.

Ocean Of Games Apk

Ocean Of Games Apk

One of the most common themes is survival in the middle of the ocean. If you like this popular survival story, please try Survival.

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Survival is a survival simulation game from the publisher Candy Mobile. The story is about a man who lost his boat in the sea. While fighting against the high tide, you will be the only survivor in the deep sea, in a lifeboat. What will you do to survive this difficult and dangerous situation?

Although he was a saint, he woke up confused and found himself “lost” in the middle of the sea, crying and screaming. The game opens with the boss’s music, with a first-person perspective. A wide spread of green color increases your fear. But after you have made up your mind, you should think about how you will cope with anything that may happen here.

Look at the safety information on the right side of the screen: face is a happy expression, stomach is a food object, bottle is a wine, cross is an injury object. Always make sure that these expressions are in the right balance, especially the face should be a smiley face, which means happiness, not a red and sad face.

But for these shows to always be guaranteed, you have to go regularly. Collecting materials and goods across the ocean from shipwrecks or floating platforms. The first thing you have to do is to use a fishing hook, and pick up other things on the sea. Save to give them food and drink and build a strong and safe ship.

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But things are not that simple. You have no idea how to find food, cook, and build a life-giving ship in a large ship in a matter of days. Throughout the long days and nights of survival, you will not only save yourself by organizing health demonstrations, but you will always create different weapons to fight any hidden threat and his life.

Sharks are lurking everywhere, a huge Octopus threatens to attack you on the side of the boat, the wind beats the boat mercilessly, the dark night sky is no help. why your life is always in a state of hair loss.

First, they will help you with your skills, create weapons to hunt fish, repair weak ships by putting them in large holes, and then gradually put them in ships. the water, and finally in storage for a few days.

Ocean Of Games Apk

Sometimes they are also food, drink, or part of the cooling equipment that makes the boat repair process faster and easier.

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For example, wood from the wreckage of a large ship can help propel a ship, and boxes and crates can be used to store water and delicious food. Some of the different metal tools can sell wood, to make different weapons. Weapon systems will quickly show their value, helping you fight against bloody monsters. But they will only be your daily tools.

Playing this game for a few minutes, I realized that it is not a big scary creature, because it doesn’t look like “football”. It is hunger, thirst, health problems and feelings of hopelessness that torment you every day, every hour. This is exactly what will happen if you have this disaster.

In a deserted place, a drop of water is also a diamond and a can of canned food accidentally found in a floating object that used to be a gold cup. But you must always be aware, any flu, at all, can be the cause of destruction before safety precautions.

Do everything, fast, fast to survive as long as possible. Build yourself a healthy, stable memory to continue your daily routine. Then you will be well rewarded when you find a small island one day. This is a place with not only a lot of important things, but also a place full of new enemies, who may be willing to do anything to stop you. In general, seeing the island is fun, but be careful about everything. No one knows what will happen.

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The first 3D survival game, immersive simulation, deep physics that reflects real life situations. You’ll be surprised at the experience you can gather just by playing a great simulation game.

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