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Pia Vpn Speed – An excellent VPN provider and an industry leader, Private Internet Access offers everything you need in a VPN. From a functionally redesigned client and fast servers to a strict no-logs policy and excellent security features, all come at a price that easily beats most competitors.

PIA doesn’t seem to boast much about their server network speed. Looking at their website and marketing materials, the only reference to speed is that they use gigabit VPN ports.

Pia Vpn Speed

Pia Vpn Speed

Based on that, I assumed their performance would be roughly in the middle. As it turns out, it is not. Both their download and upload speeds are impressive and certainly fast enough for almost any type of internet activity.

Pia Vs Nordvpn

While my previous private internet access speed test a few months ago showed slow speeds in the US, Canada and the Netherlands, this is no longer the case. Whatever problems were solved.

If I had to choose, upload speeds in Canada and Australia could use some love. That said, it’s not really a big deal considering the downloads matter, with the results still being 20Mbps in both cases.

Since this question comes up often, I’ll quickly explain that I purposely run my speed tests with an internet connection that is faster than any VPN provider currently running. Hence the big difference in speed between my VPN and no VPN test.

Using a faster connection ensures that we see the actual maximum performance that the PIA servers can reach – not the numbers limited by my internet plan.

Pia Vpn Review 2022: Too Cheap To Be Good?

One last thing to mention is that the site’s home page lists similar test results posted by several other high-speed providers. If you’re curious how Private Internet Access stacks up against its competitors, take a look.

Private Internet access has been available since August 2010. Based in Grandville, Michigan in the US, PIA is widely recognized as one of the top consumer VPN providers and as a service at the forefront of the market. Their commitment to user privacy and security is second to none, which is why companies like Forbes, MSN Money, PC World, Yahoo, and AT&T trust them with their business.

PIA is very serious about these. They keep no logs. No activity logs, no session logs, nothing. Their privacy policy makes this clear, and they had this to say in a recently added FAQ post:

Pia Vpn Speed

We can clearly state that our company does not keep metadata logs about when the subscriber accesses the VPN service, how long the subscriber uses it, and the subscriber’s originating IP address. In addition, the encryption system does not allow us to see and therefore log which IP address the subscriber visited or visited.

How To Find All Ips For Vpn Service (private Internet Access)

Considering this approach makes it more difficult to diagnose their systems and deal with misuse of services at PIA’s end, but they chose to put their customer first. very commendable

The provider does just as well when it comes to encryption, offering a wide range of top-notch choices. They support AES-128, AES-256, and Blowfish for data encryption, SHA1 and SHA256 for data authentication, and RSA-2048, RSA-3072, RSA-4096, ECC-256k1, ECC-256r1, and ECC-521. Offer to shake hands. You can set things to be selected for you automatically, and if you don’t care about privacy and just want pure server speed, you can also turn all of these settings off.

My review found that Private Internet Access offers all the features you’d expect from a top VPN service. For privacy, it implements both VPN switch and IPv6 leak detection.

The provider supports every operating system and device you can think of, including routers. It provides excellent step-by-step installation and troubleshooting instructions for each.

Pia Private Internet Access Review: Proven Security Meets Fast Speeds

PPTP, IPSec/L2TP and OpenVPN are supported protocols. For those who aren’t too concerned about privacy and just want better download speeds for private internet access and overall performance, the service subscription even includes a SOCKS5 Proxy.

Streaming is where this VPN doesn’t do very well. Officially, they don’t support bypassing geo-locked content, and it shows. With the exception of a handful of completely random servers (good luck finding them), PIA does not work with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or any other popular online video service.

The client looks very minimalistic and humble. It’s good for me because it’s also intuitive to use. It does what it’s supposed to do well and isn’t loaded with extra gimmicky features that end up just confusing.

Pia Vpn Speed

Private Internet access users are limited to 10 simultaneous connections. This figure is among the highest among suppliers and should be good. If you ever find you need more, you can always install a VPN on your router. PIA supports several models.

Private Internet Access Review 2022: Fast, Secure & Cheap Vpn

Several activities described in the Terms of Service (and listed below) are prohibited and PIA has a zero tolerance policy for violations. To stay safe, it’s best to review these.

Send or receive illegal unsolicited and/or commercial e-mail messages, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” or “pyramid schemes”; exploit, possess, produce, receive, transmit or distribute illegal content, including, but not limited to, any sexually explicit images of children; Upload, own, receive, transport or distribute copyrighted, trademarked or patented content that you do not own or have written permission or authorization from the copyright owner. Forge headers or manipulate email identifiers to disguise or mislead the origin of certain content; Interference with the services of other users, customers, hosts or networks that reduces the quality of service for other customers and users. Use the Service to engage in Denial of Service (DOS) attacks against third parties or private Internet access. access data, systems or networks including attempting to probe or test vulnerabilities in a system or network or breaching security or authentication measures without the written consent of the owner of the system or network; Use the Service to transmit any material (via email, upload, post or otherwise) that threatens or encourages bodily harm, damage or destruction of property, defames any third party, or promotes any cruelty to animals; he does. or access the Service in violation of local, state, or federal laws in the United States or the country/territory in which you reside. Customer support

The only way to contact PIA support is through the ticketing system. The average response time listed is 4-6 hours, and that’s what I experienced. It would be nice to have a phone or live chat option. However, the quality and knowledge of the support staff is excellent.

The site offers a very deep knowledge base that answers questions and offers guidance on everything from technical issues to payments. I found a detailed and easy image setup guide for all platforms and protocols. These should be more than enough to get anyone started.

How To Use Private Internet Access (pia): Download + Setup

Private Internet Access doesn’t have a free trial, but it does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This warranty does not appear to have any caveats attached to it, such as a maximum usage limit after which no refunds will be issued. This is great to see as it allows you to carefully evaluate the service before making a decision. Not all VPN providers are so generous.

Although not as geographically diverse as some other VPN services, Private Internet Access has servers in more than enough countries to meet everyone’s needs. They currently offer space in countries. It is noteworthy that in these countries this provider has large servers. A lot of hardware gives them a lot of options when it comes to load balancing and ensures the high performance I’ve seen in this PIA speed review. The full list of private internet access servers can be found here.

The founder team is the fastest VPN guide. Coming from the world of corporate IT security and network management, he knows a thing or two about what makes a VPN. Cybersecurity expert by day, VPN writer by night, this is the team. You can also follow him on Twitter and Quora.

Pia Vpn Speed

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Private Internet Access Review: A Cheap, Powerful Vpn

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Private Internet access is very popular around the world. It offers 35,000 servers in 80 countries and even boasts of being recommended as the #1 fastest VPN by Top 10 VPNs. But are the claims true? Is it really that fast? Therefore, we recommend reading our blog to learn

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