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Private Internet Access offers a robust VPN service that packs advanced networking and privacy tools into one neat interface. A new third-party audit helps build trust, but its rising cost gives us pause.

Pia Vpn Windows

Pia Vpn Windows

2 Year Plan $56.94 + 2 Months Free Private Internet Access VPN $311.74 Save $254.80 View (opens in new window) $11.99 per month Private Internet Access plan View (opens in new window)

Surfshark Vs Private Internet Access (pia)

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When you activate a VPN, it encrypts all your internet traffic and sends it to servers controlled by the VPN company. This ensures that no one, not even your ISP, can see what you’re doing online, and it makes it more difficult for snoopers and advertisers to track you on the web. Although it is one of the oldest existing contenders in the universe, Private Internet Access VPN remains a contender among the best VPNs. It offers dual simultaneous connections like most of the competition, boasts a strong Speedtest score, has a great interface, and its advanced network settings let DIYers tinker. A new third-party audit has helped it build trust with customers, but its costs have been rising steadily in recent years.

Private Internet Access offers three billing options starting at $11.95 per month. That’s nearly double the $6.95 the company charged when we first reviewed it years ago. It’s also well above the $9.83/month average we’ve seen across VPNs we’ve reviewed. It’s too expensive for our list of the cheapest VPNs. Comparable top VPNs do more for less. Our Editors’ Choice winner for most affordable, Mullvad VPN costs just €5 per month ($5.08 at time of writing).

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Private Internet Access (pia) Test 2022

Like most VPNs, Private Internet Access VPN encourages longer subscriptions with deep discounts. A one-year plan costs $39.95, which is well below the $66.07 average we saw in the VPNs we reviewed. Private Internet Access also has a three-year plan for $79. While subscriptions purchased at these prices will renew at the same price, this is not always the case. The company changes its subscription structure frequently, so be sure to read the fine print.

Although the discounts are tempting, we caution against starting a long-term subscription. Instead, start with a short-term plan so you can test the service at home and see if the VPN fits your needs.

If Private Internet Access VPN is too rich for your blood, it’s worth noting that there are also some free VPN services worth picking up. However, Proton VPN is the best free VPN we tested, mainly because it has no data limits for free users.

Pia Vpn Windows

Private Internet Access VPN accepts Amazon payments, credit cards, cryptocurrencies and PayPal when purchasing a subscription. Editors’ Choice winners IVPN and Mullvad VPN offer multiple anonymous payment options and accept cash payments directly to headquarters.

Private Internet Access: Die Nummer 1 Der Besten Vpn Dienste Seit über 10 Jahren

You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously with a single VPN subscription for private internet access, double the average we’ve seen on the market. However, the industry may abandon this model entirely. Atlas VPN, Avira Phantom VPN, IPVanish VPN, Surfshark VPN and Windscribe VPN have no limit on the number of simultaneous connections.

Private Internet Access VPN provides split tunneling, allowing you to determine which applications send data over the VPN and which applications send data in plain text. This is useful for high-speed, low-risk activities such as video streaming. There is also a multi-hop feature that routes your traffic through two VPN servers instead of one. Private Internet Access VPN handles this a little differently than other VPN services, you can select a proxy setting and then select a second location.

The company does not offer direct access to the anonymized Tor network via VPN, but we should note that a VPN is not required to access the free Tor network. Editors’ Choice winners Proton VPN and NordVPN offer access to Tor, multi-hop connections, and split tunneling.

Many VPN companies add additional privacy and security features to attract consumers. To that end, Private Internet Access VPN includes its own ad-blocking and tracking tool called MACE. The company informed us that Google’s rules mean the feature must be removed from its Android apps, and advised customers who want to use MACE on Android to download the APK from its website. However, we must realize that sideloading always brings some risks. Private Internet Access also offers a free email leak tracking service similar to HaveIBeenPwned (opens in a new window).

Private Internet Access (pia) Free Trial 2022: 7 & 30 Days Hack

Private Internet Access also supports port forwarding on some servers. This is an advanced setting, and while not necessary for a VPN, it’s sure to be appreciated by network geeks.

Since our last check, Private Internet Access VPN has started offering dedicated IP addresses to customers. This means you have the same public IP address every time you connect to the VPN. In theory, this should look less suspicious than a constantly changing or known VPN IP address, and therefore may not be blocked by sites that restrict access to VPNs, such as banks and streaming services. You pay $5 per month per address, and long-term dedicated IP subscriptions include significant price reductions. This is in addition to the basic VPN subscription for private internet access. Existing customers can choose a billing duration for a dedicated IP address. IP addresses are available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, UK and USA.

Along with a handful of other VPN companies, Private Internet Access VPN now offers antivirus protection for Windows devices for an additional $1.49 per month, again offering discounts for longer subscriptions. Editors’ Choice winners NordVPN and Surfshark VPN both offer antivirus tools, though we weren’t happy with their performance. We look forward to testing Private Internet Access VPN antivirus software soon.

Pia Vpn Windows

While VPNs are useful tools for improving online privacy, they cannot protect against all threats. We strongly recommend protecting your computer with separate antivirus software, using a password manager to create unique and complex passwords for each website and service, and enabling multi-factor authentication where available.

Fix Private Internet Access Not Working/connecting In 5 Steps

VPN technology comes in many forms with different protocols used to create encrypted connections. We prefer OpenVPN, it’s open source, so volunteers check for potential vulnerabilities. The obvious successor to the open source VPN is WireGuard with newer technology and better performance potential. WireGuard is still new and not as widely adopted as OpenVPN.

Private Internet Access supports OpenVPN and WireGuard on all platforms. Additionally, the iOS app supports the IKEv2 protocol, which is also excellent.

The availability of multiple server locations gives you more options to spoof your location and increases your chances of finding a server near your location. Private Internet Access VPN has a good mix of locations with servers in 84 countries. This is well above average and almost on par with ExpressVPN’s excellent collection of 94 countries. It’s worth noting that Private Internet Access VPN has multiple server locations in Africa and South America, two areas that are often overlooked by other VPN services.

The company recently announced that it now has servers in all 50 US states. This is convenient for locals who may not want their traffic to bounce to the other side of the country just because they have a VPN on.

Expressvpn Vs. Private Internet Access (pia) 2021 Comparison

We have long believed that the total number of servers does not tell the overall quality of a VPN service. The Company will maintain only a reasonable number of servers to meet the needs of its customers and will start and shut down new servers as needed. Private Internet Access VPN declined to disclose the size of its server fleet, but confirmed to us that it operates more than 500 servers. The company noted that it is upgrading its server fleet to 10 Gbps servers.

Some VPN services use virtual locations that appear to be country-specific servers, but may actually be located elsewhere. To its credit, Private Internet Access VPN is clearly labeled

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