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Place To Buy Mulch Near Me – Mulch costs $15 to $65 per cubic yard for a large truck and $35 to $110 per yard for shipping and installation. Covers an area of ​​mulch about 108 square feet at a depth of 3 inches. For smaller businesses, mulch costs $2 to $7 per bag, with each bag covering 8 square feet.

$15-$65 mulch fee per yard $35-$70 mulch fee per yard (no baby + installation)

Place To Buy Mulch Near Me

Place To Buy Mulch Near Me

Commercial mulch costs $15 to $30 per cubic yard or $2 to $6 per bag, while wood or colored mulch costs $30 to $40 per yard or $3 to $8 per bag. Painted mulch costs $75 for a 160-square-foot flower bed, and wood chips for a 500-square-foot landscape cost $120 to $250 delivered.

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Make your mulching job easier by having the mulch delivered for a flat rate of $40-$100 and hiring a landscaping contractor to install it for another $20-$45 per yard.

The average homeowner spends $140 to $290 for shipping and installation. The amount of mulch you need depends on the project. Projects commonly associated with mulch include:

Mulch delivery ranges from $15 to $65 per cubic yard, and most homeowners pay $350 to $700 for a 10-yard delivery, including professional installation. Shipping alone costs $45 to $100, and installation typically adds $20 to $45 per yard to the final price.

While many projects only require a few bags of mulch, larger projects such as spreading mulch in wooded areas of the garden can cost less per yard and become an easy task.

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If you have a truck or SUV, bring your own to save money, then hire a landscaper. A truck carries 3 cubic yards or 40 bags of mulch.

Mulch prices range from $15 to $65 per yard, with the most common use being $18 per yard for bulk delivery. Commercial mulch costs $15 to $30 per yard, and stained or harvested hardwood costs $30 to $40 per yard.

A yard of mulch covers 110 to 160 square feet at a depth of 2 inches to 3 inches.

Place To Buy Mulch Near Me

The price of mulch varies depending on the type and cost of transportation. Most vendors sell mulch by the cubic yard, but buying bags is also an option.

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Delivering a truckload of mulch costs $15 to $65 per yard, plus $45 to $100 in fixed costs. Truckloads start at 2 cubic yards (13.5 bags), with 10 to 30 cubic yards being the standard shipping size for each truckload.

A bag of brown or black mulch costs $2 to $6 at your local grocery store. Red, cedar, or exotic purple mulch costs $3 to $10 per bag. Each bag of mulch contains 2 cubic feet, and 13.5 bags make up one cubic yard.

You can also buy bags in a truckload or a pallet. In home improvement stores, 55 bags are placed on a pallet, covering 440 to 660 square feet at a depth of 2-3 inches.

One yard of mulch is enough to cover about 108 square feet at a depth of 3 inches, while each 2-cubic-foot bag covers about 8 square feet. Delivered mulch starts at 2 cubic yards or about 13.5 bags. First you need to measure the area. And know how many inches of depth you want to leave.

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A layer of mulch will help keep your garden bed moist and free of weeds, but too much will cause roots to grow into the mulch layer and kill more plants than weeds. The recommended depth for most flower beds is 3 inches.

Enter your project dimensions into our mulch calculator below to find the number of cubic yards, bags needed, and estimated total cost.

If your project requires more than 2 cubic yards or 27 bags of mulch, it is cheaper to buy mulch in bulk than bags. When purchased by the bag, mulch costs $50 to $60 per yard, while shipping can be as cheap as $15 to $25 per yard, depending on how much you buy.

Place To Buy Mulch Near Me

Mulch installation costs $20 to $45 per cubic yard, with most homeowners paying $38 per yard, not including mulch costs of $15 to $65 per yard. Mulch costs $175 to $375 for 5 yards delivered with professional installation.

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For 600 square feet of flower beds, your total purchase, delivery, and installation costs will be $200 to $600, depending on the type of mulch you choose and the depth. This price does not include plants before placing mulch. Beds must be prepared in advance.

Mulching costs $35 to $60 per cubic yard, compared to hand mulching at $50 to $100 per yard. For a typical 250 square foot pot that requires 2.31 cubic yards of mulch, mulch spray costs about $100. Mulchers are cheaper and faster, especially for large jobs.

Sheet mulch costs $20 for a 100-foot plastic roll. Leaf mulching is often used in vegetable farms. Sheets come in different widths and lengths and are usually plastic or black metal that cover the soil to retain moisture and kill plants.

Forest mulching costs $400 to $800 per hectare. Land clearing costs $150 to $250 per hour, or a flat rate of $400 per acre. The final price depends on the size and number of trees on the land.

Best Organic Mulches For Vegetable Gardens: 9 Different Options

Mulch costs vary based on the type of wood (or other material) it is made from and how finely it is shredded. Below we compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mulch.

Colored mulch costs $2 to $10 per bag, depending on the type. Painted wood mulch helps keep the soil moist and slow plant growth. Organic mulches can be dyed with vegetable dyes and the color usually lasts for several years.

Wood chips cost $0.89 per cubic foot, $1.78 per bag, or $24 per cubic yard. Wood chips are a great mulch for driveways, trees, or shrubs, but not so much for flowers and vegetables because they tend to fix the nitrogen they need each year and their roots are shallow.

Place To Buy Mulch Near Me

The average cost of bark mulch is $3.44 per cubic foot, $6.88 per bag, or $93 per cubic yard. Bark mulch is a popular choice for flower beds, with cedar bark being the best choice for its fragrance and appearance.

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Chipped hardwood mulch costs $1.50 per cubic foot, or about $40 per cubic yard. A two- or three-shredded soil mulch provides better cutting, better weed control, and costs slightly more.

Coarsely chopped hardwood mulch is best used around shrubs and trees, and finely chopped mulch works well around flowers.

If you see your plants turning yellow after using any type of wood mulch, use nitrogen fertilizer. Wood mulches use nitrogen to aid in their decomposition process.

Grade A cedar mulch costs $99 per yard, while other cedar mulches cost $3.70 per cubic foot and $7.49 per bag. Cedar brings beautiful color and scent to your garden, is beneficial for soil bacteria and protects against diseases, fungi and pests.

How To Choose The Best Mulch For Your Landscape

Cedar mulch is $109 per cubic yard, $4 per cubic foot, and $8 per bag. Cypress is very absorbent, so it does not allow too much water to enter the soil.

Pine straw is very similar to cedar and is cheaper and does not harm the environment.

Pine bark mulch costs $0.96 per cubic foot, $1.92 per bag, or $26 per cubic yard. Pine bark chips make an excellent organic mulch that lasts longer than most mulches but washes away during heavy rains.

Place To Buy Mulch Near Me

Pine straw is $1.50 per cubic foot, $3 per bag, or $40 per cubic yard. The labor cost of pine straw is $38 per cubic yard or $1.41 per cubic foot. Pine straw is an excellent organic mulch and is simply the needles that fall from a pine tree.

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Rubber mulch costs $80 to $160 per cubic yard, or $7 for a 40-pound bag. If purchased in bulk, rubber mulch costs $300 to $800 per ton. Rubber mulch prevents insects and fungi from infecting your plants, comes in a variety of colors, and is often used in children’s playgrounds or landscaping areas.

Redhead or gorilla mulch is $2.22 per cubic foot, $4.44 per bag, or $60 per cubic yard. Fibrous, dull and rich in color, it works well in high places because of its light and fluffy beauty. When wet, it is heavy enough not to disturb the plants and to stay in place.

The fibrous nature of gorilla mulch makes it dangerous for animals. If your dog likes to chew on wood, this may not be the best mulch for you.

Hemlock mulch costs $1.67 per cubic foot, $3.34 per bag, or $45 per cubic yard. Hemlock mulch is highly acidic, so avoid using it around your alkali-loving plants. This mulch is slow to decompose, so if you choose hemlock mulch, you may want to add some compost.

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Each type of mulch has a specific purpose. Some plants need certain types of mulch, and if the wrong type of mulch is laid, they will not do well.

Avoid placing organic mulch in low and wet areas. Sometimes this keeps the plants from getting wet and encourages harmful pests like slugs to feast on your plants.

Mulching is not only good for your garden, it also adds charm to your home. To get the most out of your mulch, consider its appearance.

Place To Buy Mulch Near Me

Look for the Soil and Soil Council certification logo, which guarantees that CCA is not free. Some wood mulches are obtained from wood treated with chromium, copper and arsenic. Arsenic can get into your soil and get on your hands.

Ways To Avoid The Worst Mulch Mistakes In Your Garden

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