Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

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Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

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Let’s take a look at the Avon opportunity and consider the pros and cons of being an Avon representative.

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Avon was founded in 1886 by David McConnell and is actually the oldest direct selling company.

Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

Now, more than a century later, Avon sells everything from hair serums and face creams to lipstick, mascara, and more, and is the fourteenth largest beauty company in the world, famous for its reasonable prices and brand of Avon. ladies who sell themselves.

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However, when Avon started as a direct marketing company, in 2005 it decided to switch to a multi-level marketing business model (also known as “network marketing”) and is now the second largest MLM company in the world after Amway!

If you know all about MLM and want to jump into the pros and cons of being an Avon representative, skip this part!

To everyone, MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing, and the way you make money in the MLM business is to sell products to people you know and recruit others into the business.

When you recruit a new person and that person starts making money, you get a commission on the sales and referrals made by that person, and this continues on many levels (so, many levels).

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100% of your income comes from your ads and the ads of your “group”, otherwise known as your “downline”.

Think about it – would you like to make $3 of mascara or a small commission?

Very interesting, this type of business model is actually very unstable. If everyone in the company is 6 people and so

Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

People hire 6 people, and soon the entire population of the world is employed by the company!

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This is why Not Your Boss Babe would never recommend joining an MLM, but to give Avon a fair chance, let’s take a closer look at Avon as a company to see if you can make money selling Avon.

If you ask an Avon representative this question, they will tell you that Avon is a great way to make money. The first page of Google is full of articles written by Avon Reps talking about how amazing Avon’s capabilities are.

They get every penny you make with Avon, so they have an incentive to paint Avon in a good light!

Unlike other MLM companies, Avon does not release income statements, which state how much each person in the company earns by level and percentage of income.

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Because of this, we don’t have a dropout rate, average income, market value, or any other data to help you know if joining Avon is worth it.

In its 2’11 Q-2’11 10Q SEC filing, Avon reported $2.8 billion in net sales from 6.5 million sellers.

In other words, Avon representatives sell the products they buy for their customers or for personal use, which is part of what is comparable to the Avon pyramid scheme.

Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

Breaking down these numbers, we see that Avon representatives spend an average of $144 per month on Avon products.

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Depending on their level in the company, an Avon representative receives a 20-40% commission per product sold (since most people are at a lower level, many receive a 20% commission on sales).

What this means is that the average sales rep sells $144 of Avon products each month and the average sales rep is in the 20% commission range, so most Avon reps make $28.80 per month or $345.60 per year. from selling products.

Consider what Avon reps get for recruiting others, as we’ve seen before, this is where the real money is to be made in MLM.

Avon’s advertising reports were published in 2009 and here we can see the total income of Avon representatives for that year:

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It should be noted that in 2009, Avon earned about $10 billion in revenue compared to $3.63 billion in 2020. A quick look at this graph from Statistica shows a steady decline in Avon’s revenue since 2011.

This tells us that Avon reps probably made a lot more money in 2009 than Avon reps today.

Another thing to note is that none of these figures take into account the costs of running Avon’s business.

Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

Although an Avon startup kit is inexpensive (Avon startup kits range from $25 to $100), if you want your Avon business to succeed, you’ll need to spend money on it.

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This can include flyers, business cards, brochures, product samples, catalogs, etc., and Avon products that you can use, showing their impact and why you love them so much. It’s always important to track your expenses (with any business) so you know

While NYBB doesn’t believe joining Avon is a good business move, there are still some positives to selling Avon, which we’ll take a look at.

Avon starter kits cost between $25 and $100, but Avon representatives often charge a lot more, including sample products, catalogs, promotional activities, personalized products, and more.

You can make money selling Avon, but less than 5% of people earn a steady income with Avon, and most Avon representatives make less than $30 a month on average.

The Freer Press (freer, Tex.), Vol. 7, No. 14, Ed. 1 Wednesday, April 8, 1987

Avon is a multi-level marketing company, which means you work as an independent contractor, not Avon. This means you have fewer rights and your right to sell Avon can be terminated at any time and without notice. You have very little chance of making money with Avon.

An Avon representative tries to sell Avon products and attract others to the company. The more people he hires, the more money he makes.

Although Avon certainly has more advantages than many other MLM companies, the main thing is that being an Avon representative is not a good way to make money.

Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

More than 95% of Avon representatives do not earn a full-time salary, but they can spend more time growing their Avon business.

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Finally, like any other MLM, the business is not designed to benefit the masses.

In order for anyone in MLM to be successful, there must be many people at the bottom contributing money to the top. In other words, it perpetuates the myths about network marketing that we see so often.

Getting to the top in MLM is all about getting in early while the company is still young.

Avon has been around for over a hundred years, so it’s almost impossible for someone who signed up today to reach the top levels of the company. Avon Anew Clinical Absolute Even Multi Tone Skin Corrector 30 Ml

Let me know in the comments section below – I welcome all discussion, as long as it’s legitimate

Disclaimer: Your boss, not Babe, uses the links. This means that if you make a purchase from a recommended site, we may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Avon has stood the test of time for 135 years. But should you be an Avon representative? This is a must read before joining Avon!

Let’s explore everything you can get when you become an Avon Ambassador in 2023! You just learn HOW

Pros And Cons Of Selling Avon

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