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She Will Never Know – ‘She’ll Never Know’ Cast Explain Why They Joined The Drama, What To Expect And More

The cast of JTBC’s ‘She’ll Never Know’ talked about their characters, what attracted them to the drama, and more!

She Will Never Know

She Will Never Know

On January 18, Won Jin Ah, Rowoon, Lee Hyun Wook, Lee Joo Bin, and director SF9’s Lee Dong Yoon held an online press conference ahead of the drama’s premiere.

Won Jin Ah, Sf9’s Rowoon, Lee Joo Bin & Lee Hyun Wook Recount

The film adaptation of the hit web novel She Would Never Know tells a complex love story in the office of two employees in the marketing department of a cosmetics brand. Won Jin Ah plays perfectionist Yoon Sung Ah, while Rowoon plays his dashing young colleague Chae Hyun Seung. Lee Hyun Wook will play the ambitious marketing director Lee Jae Shin, while Lee Joo Bin will play Lee Hyo Joo, the granddaughter of a cosmetics company founder and a rising star in the photography world.

Director Lee Dong Yoon touted the drama as “the sparkling charm and chemistry of a couple with an age difference,” but at the same time, it’s a serious story about a couple’s romance.

Don’t wear that lipstick,” shared Lee Dong Yoon. Since the set is a cosmetics company, there are lipstick-related scenes. However, it is not only the lipstick, but also the symbolism that it contains. She has lipstick that she put on every time she met the man she loved, but a young colleague who finds out that she couldn’t tell tells her, “I wish you didn’t wear it. Not”.

Won Jin Ah also shared his thoughts on the title of the single. “When I first heard the name on the phone, I had to ask again,” she said. “The image that the title conjures up was very strong and bold, so it was unexpected.”

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Continuing, she added, “I was wondering if the drama would be really intense, but the way the emotions are built in the story is stable and realistic. Although I had no such experience, I was able to empathize with the story and was drawn to the realistic way in which emotions were expressed.

Rowoon added, “The name is unique and looks sexy. Chae Hyun Seung’s character is a kind of fantasy character, so when I first heard the title, I thought he was sexy.

Lee Dong Yoon then explained how he chose Won Jin Ah to play the role of marketing specialist Yoon Sun Ah. to cast someone for this role, I hoped the role would be portrayed realistically and not sound like something out of a fantasy novel because she was stuck in the middle of two men.I wanted an actress with a genuine side.When I first met Won Jin Ah She was great and she also deeply understands her character.

She Will Never Know

Won Jin Ah revealed that she worked in an office in her early twenties before becoming an actress, noting that while she didn’t have many memories of that time, her muscle memory seemed to activate when she sat in front of keyboard and mouse.

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Sharing how she prepared for her role, Won Jin Ah explained, “Because the drama is set in a cosmetics company, we have to pass a lot of tests, and we had the opportunity to meet and learn from real employees in the field. I also watched YouTube marketing vlogs.”

Won Jin Ah also talked about his character. “Yun Sun Ah may seem like a workaholic, but she is still in a relationship,” she said. “I think she is passionate in every way. She is a smart character who can handle both work and love.

Lee Dong Yoon said about Rowoon, “He’s tall, handsome, and has a good voice. When I met him in person, he took acting very seriously. How to bridge the gap between him and his character Chae Hyun Seung.” I wondered if it was possible for someone in their twenties to look like him and be so serious. I love it”.

Rowoon’s role as an office worker marks a departure from his previous high school romance drama, Incredible You. Hoping to show viewers a completely opposite side of him, Rowoon added, “Basically, I don’t think there will be much difference between high school romance and office romance, but there will be differences depending on the situation and the setting.”

She Would Never Know” Navigates The Realities Of Office Dating

Explaining why he chose Lee Hyun Wook to play CMO Lee Jae Shin, the director said, “Lee Jae Shin is a character who suffers but doesn’t express much. Lee Hyun Wook expresses the feelings of his role in a short amount of time using his eyes and voice. I thought he did well.

The romantic drama is especially different from many of Lee Hyun Wook’s previous roles in thriller dramas such as OCN’s The Search. The actor said that instead of trying to take on the challenge of a new genre, he was attracted to drama for other reasons. “In my previous productions, I played cynical, antisocial characters who wanted to hurt others, but in this drama, I can smile warmly,” he shared. “Because of that, instead of trying to make any specific changes, I just tried to play exactly what was in the script.”

Lee Joo Bin also talked about her role as Lee Hyo Joo, the granddaughter of a cosmetics company founder who hides a soft heart under her tough exterior. “This is my first time playing someone from a wealthy family, so I had to live this life indirectly,” she said. “I wanted to make ‘young and rich’ one of my character descriptions.”

She Will Never Know

Won Jin Ah then told viewers what to look for in the drama. “Since this is a story about an older woman and a younger man, I think viewers will enjoy watching them transform from work colleagues into a couple,” she shared. “There will be a difference before and after they fall in love, so that will be interesting to watch as well.”

Fakta Menarik She Would Never Know, Drama Korea Yang Dibintangi Rowoon

Rowoon piqued viewers’ curiosity by concluding, “I think the title of the drama is about finding yourself. If you watch the drama, you will see how important this message is. “The characters played by Won Jin-ah and Rowoon make a great team in the drama ‘She’d Never… [+] Know.”

He immediately wants to protect her. He buys her lunch and makes sure she is not disturbed while she eats. He grew up with two beloved sisters who taught him how to treat women well. He is the first boyfriend. He is tall, handsome, smart, kind and caring. Yet Seong-ah’s heart is elsewhere.

Hyung-seong, played by SF9 singer Rowoon, is so in love with Song-ah that he ends up working for the same cosmetics company, where they form a top-notch professional team. She trains him, and since she is the dean of his workplace, he appoints her

Or senior. He loyally follows her, but Seong-ah, played by Won Jin-ah, rejects his loyalty and warns him not to spread rumors about his behavior. She says that she is not interested in him because he is younger, although he is only a year younger.

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She also warns him not to spread rumors, as even rumors can create problems in the workplace. Some of their work colleagues who are dating decide to go on a date in secret to avoid potential problems. However, neither the likelihood of the rumor nor her age is the real reason why she does not date him romantically.

Hyun-seung cannot come to terms with the extent of his feelings until he finds out that Seong-ah has a boyfriend who is also her colleague. Heartbroken, he describes his one-sided love as pathetic. He’s ready to retire until he finds out that Song-ah’s boyfriend, played by Lee Hyun-wook, wasn’t being honest. Hyun Seung’s need to protect her puts him in a difficult position when he has to decide whether to tell her the truth and hurt her, or protect her from the truth, which will only hurt her in the future. Will the truth matter when it touches Seong-ah’s heart?

From Eliza. The name refers to the shade of lipstick Seong-ah wears to please her boyfriend, but Hyun-seung is sure it doesn’t suit him. Yoon Sun Ah works as a marketing specialist for a cosmetics brand. She loves her job and dreams of one day launching her own brand. Chae Hyun Seung is another marketer who is attracted to Yoon Sun Ah. He tries to get romantically involved, but Yoon Sun Ah rejects his advances, not wanting to date younger men. (Source: AsianWiki) ~~ Adapted from Elise’s webtoon Senor Don’t Wear That Lipstick. Change translation

She Will Never Know

Definitely not a romantic comedy as advertised, this show is more like a romantic office.

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