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Sit Stay Ride 2 – While bicycles are generally a “one bike, one rider” proposition, e-bikes flip the script by using motor assistance to add extra utility. And the new wave of multi-passenger e-bikes is opening the door to two-person riding that’s not normally possible with pedal-assisted bikes.

Sure, you can take a friend on the back rack of your pedal bike, or maybe put your girlfriend behind the wheel of your cruiser. But luckily you can both climb a hill with one leg.

Sit Stay Ride 2

Sit Stay Ride 2

With utility and moped-style e-bikes, the extra weight (and space) of a passenger is no problem.

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Of course, this requires a fairly high-powered motor, which means you won’t be doing a mototaxi on your Specialized electric road bike. But higher-powered e-bikes, such as e-cargo bikes, utility bikes and e-mopeds, now make it easy to ditch your car for a bike and still carry a passenger (or two!) with you.

Super73 has added a new 2-seater to the company’s lineup, converting its popular S1, S2 and R-Series electric bikes from single-seaters to two-seaters.

You may want to add a pair of rear footrests or find an e-bike that comes pre-installed with them to comfortably carry a passenger.

When I reviewed the Ariel Rider D-Class Dual Motor Electric Bike, I rode my brothers on the long seat and included the footrests. At the time, the foot pegs seemed a bit flimsy, but the company responded by upgrading the massive cast-iron folding pegs on its new models, which could support a circus bear.

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Both the Ariel Rider X-Class and the new Grizzly models offer these large rear footrests, and the Grizzly has dual motors and dual batteries to give you the extra power and range to fly through the hills even with a single passenger .

While the Grizzly is a little steep at $2,999 (though worth it for the dual high-powered motors and dual batteries), the entry-level X-Class lets you cool down with passenger pegs for $1,599 , although to get the most out of it. Thick rear footrests, you will need an 89 I want to upgrade to a double seat in dollars. However, for less than $1,700, you have an incredibly powerful full-suspension e-bike that can carry two passengers; it is very useful!

Other popular moped-style e-bikes, such as Juiced Bikes, don’t come out of the box like the previous Ariel Rider bikes, but they make it easy to carry passengers.

Sit Stay Ride 2

The Juiced Scorpion X, HyperScorpion and HyperScrambler 2 models include footpeg attachment points on the rear swingarm. For $39, you can add footrests to carry a rear passenger.

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The HyperScrambler 2 features a long bench seat perfect for two riders, while the Scorpion series can be upgraded to a longer bench seat. Out of the box, Scorpion e-bikes have a shorter passenger seat, which leaves room for a utility rack behind the rider.

But it’s not just moped-type electric bikes that offer the ability to ride more than 2. Electric cargo bikes and utility bikes also get in on the action.

Tern team captain Josh Hon once took me for a ride on a rather unassuming looking Tern GSD e-bike and showed me that a gasless e-bike has no problem carrying two elderly people. Technically the carrier on the back was intended for children, as evidenced by the guards to prevent children from falling, but it held me well.

Priced at $1,299, the RadRunner e-bike has a passenger package option that adds a long padded bench seat, footrests, and a rear wheel skirt to make sure no calves or feet dig into the posts of the wheels

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I personally used the RadRunner to transport my two nephews and converted the RadRunner into a three-seater e-bike. But with the big two, my brother and I put the 2 on the bike and showed how easily it carried riders over 160kg (350lbs).

For a little more room, the $1,899 RadWagon electric cargo bike offers the option of a longer rear seat, either footrests or utensils, and a deck hand attachment that gives the rear passenger a large grip to hold.

The increase in the number of electric commuter bikes serves to further highlight the extreme utility and versatility of e-bikes.

Sit Stay Ride 2

While some models are designed for fitness and others for leisure, e-bikes that can carry passengers make it easy for commuters to ditch their cars and save money with an e-bike.

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Electric cargo and utility bikes won’t completely replace a van, but they can certainly help replace many of the same trips that many people take in cars.

As e-bike adoption rates continue to rise, we’re sure we’ll see more interesting utility offerings in the space.

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Micah Toll is a personal electric vehicle enthusiast, battery enthusiast, and #1 Amazon bestselling author of DIY Lithium Batteries, DIY Solar Power, The Ultimate DIY Electric Bike Guide, and The Manifesto of electric bycicle.

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The e-bikes that make up Micah’s current daily drivers are the $999 Lectric XP 2.0, the $1 Ride1Up Roadster V2, the $199 Rad Power Bikes RadMission, and the $3,299 Priority Stream. But it’s quite an evolving list these days. Best Deals of the Day Pi Pixel Phone Upgrades Galaxy S23 Switch to Apple Products for 2023 Same Food Too Often SpaceX and Satellite Cell Candy and Your Health March Madness

Tim Stevens began writing professionally while still in school in the mid-1990s and has since covered topics ranging from business process management to video game development and automotive technology.

In the motorcycle world, Harley-Davidsons are a lot like Jeeps: you either buy them or you don’t. Also, I’m not lying, I’ve always counted myself in the “smear” crowd. While I’ve been intrigued by Harley’s recent efforts to diversify, like the Livewire and Pan America Special, the big, traditional V-twin cruisers that define the company have never done anything for me. Even BMW’s attempt at a traditional Harley, the R 18, blew me away.

Sit Stay Ride 2

So when the opportunity arose to review one of Harley-Davidson’s latest models, the 2022 Low Rider ST, I jumped at it with a sense of confusion and morbid curiosity. I expected to hate this thing and all its chrome and tassels and no doubt an extremely nasty exhaust.

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And I suddenly realized that I was going to let my prejudices get in the way. I mean, there was almost no chrome on anything but the levers and rods. It was certainly big, but somehow the long, low stance that defined this bike made it seem almost elegant. Solid gray paint without gloss combined with solid black, everything else didn’t look flashy or overbearing. It just seemed pointless.

This slayed look even helped hide the numerous shield and bar logos. The H-D badge is absolutely everywhere, even embossed on the tire tread and printed on the drive belt. For someone who doesn’t consider themselves a member of the Faithful, it was a little hard to wrap my head around.

The basic concept of the bike itself is a bit hard to process. Here’s the recipe: Take the 2022 Low Rider S, a deliberately stripped-down performance cruiser, then add fairings and panniers half the size of a proper touring machine like the Street Glide. The T in ST is really for “touring” and on the surface this bike’s existence seems to cut an already narrow segment too thin.

But stay tuned, because the minds in Milwaukee know exactly what they’re doing. With the ST, Harley-Davidson took inspiration from California’s custom cruisers: low, long, fast bikes that don’t leave your bags on the road. So ST includes a pair of stylish panniers that aren’t big enough for a helmet (at least not in my size), but offer enough volume to swallow clothes and sundries for weekend rides. They’ll probably have a jumpsuit for work and maybe a drink or two for the grown-ups after work, but if you want to roll with a little less laps, they pop open in seconds with a simple closing mechanism.

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There are no bags that perfectly fit the profile of the bike and immediately come off when you don’t want them to. Tim Stevens/

Up front, there’s a subtle fairing that’s visually similar to the Road Glide’s, but smaller, giving it some breathing room at highway speeds.

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