The Beatles Let It Be Vinyl Lp

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The Beatles Let It Be Vinyl Lp – THE BEATLES LET IT BE 3U/2U 2nd PRESS VINYL LP “Red Apple” LOGO Audio MINT- £65 $87

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The Beatles Let It Be Vinyl Lp

The Beatles Let It Be Vinyl Lp

This very early second press played an amazing original sound I had never heard before. The rare red Apple logo on the back of the cover is of particular interest as it is generally believed that only the first 2U/2U stampings had covers with this logo. Judging by the matrix numbers, it was a relatively early second suppression, so maybe some people succeeded on the second suppression. Released in May 1970, the album went through a second printing run from November 1970 to early 1971, so some “Red Apple” covers may “miss” the first. Previous owners told me that it was definitely never mixed.

Let It Be“: Neuauflage Des Beatles Albums Mit Dolby Atmos

Make a second stereo press on Apple Records. “An EMI Recording” text on label and red Apple logo on back.

This is a vinyl record that has only been flicked. There’s hardly any spindle wear on the S1, just a little on the S2, and to say it’s visually flawless, pristine, etc. is an understatement! It is 100% absolutely brilliant and has a superb black mirror-like finish. There’s only one small blemish on the S1 (several slight hairline marks), but other than that, it has a beautiful sheen that is rarely seen today. Honestly, it looks “like new” and I can’t describe how good it looks! The overlapping tracks are also in good condition and are not marked.

“The Two of Us” plays with astonishing precision and clarity. The depth of the sound is incredible, you won’t believe this was introduced in the late 1970’s. Apart from some dust on the intro, there’s no distortion whatsoever, and the fade-out is almost perfect. Then, before “Dig A Pony” starts playing, there is complete silence in the dead wax, and then a flawless sound, which always plays a mint sound, except for the faint “tick”. “Across The Universe” plays similarly, except with a huge slight “tick” on the extended fade out, which I don’t think can be classified as a distraction. So far, no invasive “background” of any kind, no loud clicks, pops, statics or crackles. This is truly the highest standard of audio. A lot of people will say “I Me Mine” plays perfectly here, but I think my strict “graded ears” found a hint of top-notch distortion here and there, but if it’s there, it’s not intrusive in any way. It still plays with great clarity and is still a great listen. Fade out plays like Mint and “Dig It” again and then has no “background” at all. The introduction to “Let It Be” is simply fantastic. The clarity is simply stunning. I can safely say that I’ve never heard such a “clean” introduction in such an early press conference. The rest didn’t disappoint and I can’t stress enough how good it sounds! There may be minimal distortion at the end, but it doesn’t detract from the flawless sound from start to finish. “Maggie Mae” ends the page again with a terrific sound, with only a small amount of distortion, most likely because it’s the last track, and the track is squeezed closer to fit the page.

With barely any lead in the static “I have a feeling”, the S2 starts off in excellent style with absolutely no interference or distortion. Again, the depth and richness of the sound is breathtaking. Not wanting to appear repetitive, “The Man After 909” has the exact same caliber of sound. Is this really a 3U/2U extrusion? ! What follows is a great version of “The Long and Tortuous Road.” The intro is literally “like new,” a quality that runs through the rest of this classic. Few of the lightest dust ticks imaginable, but this is truly a captivating version of the song. The strings are played so clearly and the separation of the music is extreme “high end”. Wow! “For You Blue” continues this fine quality once again with incredible clarity. There’s a very small amount of static, but it’s really quiet and negligible in the background. I’m not even sure why it’s being mentioned, since the sound is still an amazing standard for vinyl records of this era. ‘Get Back’ unsurprisingly ends this classic album with a dynamic sound and no distortion. It plays loud and true with no distortion. Excellent finish to this very early suppression, impressive on every level.

The Beatles Collection » Let It Be, Apple Pcs 7096 (white Vinyl)

All in all, this is without a doubt the “cleanest” second press I’ve ever heard. Playing with this distinction and definition is rare, reiterating that there are no intrusive distractions of any kind. Not a single loud click or pop. Not bad for a vinyl record close to 50! Of course, even rarer, it comes with an original case with a red Apple logo. More or less complete silence in the dead wax between each track, this is the ultimate upgrade archive copy I have no doubts.

The laminated G&L cover has only minor shelf wear and can be seen with the red Apple logo on the back. There’s hardly any friction on the edges, although a small area on the top edge appears slightly raised, as if the disc was pressing against it. However, no, not even the beginning of one. The thin ridges are in good condition, only the corners and the two right-hand corners of the opening edge have some wear. The latter has barely any handling wear. The laminate held up well with only a few weak folds. There are also some faint creases on the sides of the spine. Overall, this is a great example of this rare cover.

The perforated solid white interior (patent number and UK made) is in good condition, no cracks, just some slight creases and some very faint small marks.

The Beatles Let It Be Vinyl Lp

I deliver worldwide, but when I send items to Italy, Russia and South America, I only send them ‘tracked/signed’ and it costs an extra £6.00. Please wait for the invoice. When insurance exceeds the retail price of £50.00 and ships internationally, additional insurance is required and an additional £2.50 is payable. You can only bid if you accept these terms and conditions.

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All vinyls come in sturdy custom plus size packaging with extra party protection. They are placed in special polyethylene linings outside the Netherlands to avoid burning in steel. Then put everything inside a PVC rack for extra protection. I am proud of the high quality packaging provided by my feedback and I will always try to help if any customer has any special request.

When I have feedback, I will leave feedback. This is how I know the item has been received safely and you are happy with it. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact me before leaving feedback, I will always resolve any issues, 100% guaranteed. I’ll also pay return postage if I’m wrong – yes, it can happen because I’m just human!

I’ll be selling lots of stuff from Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Genesis, and Marillion in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned! thank you very much. Feel free to check out my other items now! The cover is VG+ with less wear on the edges and corners, and the laminate has some minor cracks. For some reason, this title is prone to lamination issues.

The white vinyl is M- on one side. The second side is VG with a thin line scratch across the side and two other scratches across the first two grooves. There are a lot of spider marks on both records, indicating that this record, although well maintained, has been played quite a bit.

The Beatles Let It Be Gold Disc 24k Plated Disc Lp 12

Background: In the late 1970s, collectors showed great interest in colored vinyl, so record companies around the world began printing old and (then) new records on colored vinyl as limited edition prints.

All four books are for export only and are not sold within the UK. Most, if not all, of these titles were exported to the United States, where they were readily available within the short time it was printed.

The Beatles’ last studio album, released in May 1970. Since the album was technically the soundtrack to the film of the same name, the album was released by

The Beatles Let It Be Vinyl Lp

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