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The Home Insurance Company – This building in Chicago was completed in 1885 and was the first skyscraper to use steel in its frame, but the majority of the structure was steel. Ditherington Linen Factory is a former fireproof iron frame building, sometimes referred to as the original blue house, five stories high.

The building is considered one of the first green buildings in the world due to its unique architecture and heavy frame. It has 10 floors and reaches a height of 138 feet (42.1 m) In 1891 two floors were added.

The Home Insurance Company

The Home Insurance Company

A third of the building’s weight is construction, and city officials halted construction while they assessed its safety. The Home Insurance Institute is a model of the Chicago School of Architecture. The building is an example of green building. Minneapolis architect Leroy Buffington pioneered the skeleton concept in 1888, calling it a 28-story “stratosphere-breaker,” a concept that the architectural press of the day dismissed as absurd. , it’s ridiculous. The architectural and structural communities of the country as “in the early He wrote the ways of the “iron frame” that has lasted for decades.

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The Home Insurance Company is considered the first blue house, although this is disputed. The main claim to this status is that it is the first tall building to be supported by a steel frame. It was the first multi-story building to use steel frames since Badger built similar grain elevators between 1860 and 1862. The Home Insurance Company’s status as the first blue building in that time. century in 1985.

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Home Insurance Building

() 30 Most Luxurious Hotels in the United States – P21 – The Circus Circus Hotel: Celebrate the luxury of a thousand… Built in 1885 and located at the corner of Adams and LaSalle Streets in Chicago, Illinois, the Home Insurance Homes The world’s first new home was introduced as a blue home. Designed by engineer William LeBaron Jenney, the building was supported by a rotating steel frame that allowed for greater height and stability without the weight of traditional masonry construction. The Home Insurance Building stood until 1931, when it was torn down to make way for another blue building, the Square Building (now known as the LaSalle Bank Building).

After the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871, reconstruction revived the city’s economy and changed the climate. Instead of wood, the new buildings being built in Chicago are mostly stone, steel, and iron. The Home Insurance Building, located at the corner of Adams and LaSalle Streets in the Loop, Chicago’s business district, is a great example of the modern building era.

Did you know? By the time New York got its first steel building in 1889—the Tacoma Building on Wall Street—there were at least five similar buildings in Chicago, beginning with the Home Insurance Building in 1885.

The Home Insurance Company

In 1883, William LeBaron Jenney was commissioned by the Home Insurance Company of New York to design a skyscraper and fireplace for their Chicago headquarters. The revolutionary design used an internal frame of steel vertical columns and horizontal beams. This is in contrast to earlier structures supported by heavy masonry walls. Not only is steel lighter than brick, it weighs more. With this new construction method, lightweight construction walls can be “hung” from the steel frame like curtains. As a result, the walls of the house do not have to be so thick and the building lasts longer without collapsing under its own weight. This type of frame construction has more windows because the steel frame supports the weight of the building, and the stone or brick exterior is only a “skin” to protect the exterior from the weather.

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The Home Insurance Company was founded in 1885; It was originally 10 stories tall and reached 138 feet into the air. During construction, the council was so worried about the building collapsing that they put construction on hold for a while to make it safer. In 1890, two more stories were added to it, for a total of 180 feet (55 meters). In addition to being the first of a new generation of steel frame buildings built in the United States and around the world, this building set the standard for such innovations as high-speed, reliable elevators, elevators, and new plumbing fixtures.

Jenny’s achievements led to the work of a group of designers and engineers known as the Chicago School; together they built new skyscrapers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Several key members of this group worked in Jenny’s office, including Daniel Burnham (who went on to design New York City’s famous Flatiron Building), John Root, and Louis Sullivan. While New York became known for taking pavement to new heights, Chicago retained its reputation as the birthplace of pavement thanks to Jenny and the rest of the Chicago School. The first of these famous buildings, Jenney’s Home Insurance Building, was demolished in 1931 to replace the Field Building (now known as the LaSalle Bank Building).

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The Home Insurance Company

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