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Top Internet Providers In My Area – Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) get a bad rap – often deservedly so. But internet options are limited by location, so we’re stuck in the “I can’t live with them, I can’t live without “em” relationship with our internet service providers.

But ISPs are not static entities—their networks, personnel, and technologies change all the time—so your experience may change, too. The data from this survey can give you a clear picture of how people feel about each ISP today.

Top Internet Providers In My Area

Top Internet Providers In My Area

This year, we partnered with Pollfish to survey thousands of customers (200 per company) about their satisfaction with their ISP. We’ve gathered all that information to see how your network options are currently serving their customers.

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If you want faster speeds and better service, it may be time to rethink your ISP preferences. That internet company that bullied you years ago may have mended its ways. And now it probably has gig speed too.

Don’t miss your best internet experience. Check out our survey results, then enter your zip code below to find the best internet service providers near you.

Our survey includes questions about not only speed and reliability, but also customer support. This category helps us get a complete picture of internet service providers and how your experience will be with them.

Each year, we tally the results from our questions about internet speed, reliability, installation and setup, customer support, monthly billing and overall value. (Modem compatibility doesn’t matter because most people use their own modems, not their ISPs.)

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Although the same ISP in recent years has performed well in some and poorly in others, ISPs this year have been very successful in all categories or . . . not great at all.

In short – if you just read this part of the article, you will know a lot about how internet services compare.

For the second year in a row, Verizon Fios tops our customer satisfaction survey. Although it is tied for first with Xfinity in terms of internet speed, it leads in terms of reliability, customer support and monthly bill prices.

Top Internet Providers In My Area

Verizon Fios has a solid fiber network, and it’s one of the only places to get consistent upload and download speeds (which is especially helpful if you’re an online gamer or telecommuter).

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But aside from great technology, Verizon Fios manages to do one of the hardest things for an internet company to do – it does it for its customers.

If you’re on the East Coast, chances are Verizon Fios offers service in your area. Enter your zip code below, and we’ll draw up a list of ISPs in your area to see if you can opt in to our survey.

In 2019, Mediacom was second on our scoreboard. Now it’s down to last place – and by a lot.

Although Mediacom’s internet plans have speeds and prices that sit in the middle of what other providers offer, our survey participants seem to be dissatisfied with their experience.

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Honestly, we can’t blame them. We do not recommend the Mediacom starter packs as the data limits are very low.

Mediacom has a large presence in the Midwest, but also some of our best carriers – AT&T, Frontier, Spectrum, and Xfinity. If you are not satisfied with your Mediacom network, check other options in your area.

With its 100% fiber network, Verizon Fios offers high-speed internet with comparable upload and download speeds – something most carriers can’t or won’t do.

Top Internet Providers In My Area

But while Xfinity’s upload speeds are poor, it has increased its download speeds in many areas this year. Since customers pay the same price for faster speeds, Xfinity Internet speeds are more satisfying than ever.

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We’re not surprised to see AT&T take third place. AT&T has several fibers on its network, and although the speed varies by location, AT&T’s plans come with the fastest speeds it can provide in that area.

We recommend starting with a download speed of 100 Mbps, which is good for most homes. To learn more about internet speed, check out our article “What’s a Good Internet Speed?” for all details.

The reliability of these three service providers is largely due to their type of internet service. All three are partially or fully fiber based.

The fiber cables they use to serve the Internet are soft fibers of glass or plastic. The information you need travels over light, which is faster and more reliable than the analog signals you get through DSL and copper coaxial cable.

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While Xfinity and AT&T use cable and DSL respectively to run their networks, Verizon’s Fios system is 100% fiber. That full use of fiber can give you a better internet experience than hybrids.

No type of internet service is perfect, but fiber can handle tons of users and their internet needs. Since these three providers have a lot of fiber in their networks, it is not surprising to see them dominate in speed or reliability.

If your internet stops working frequently, the problem may be with the internet, modem or devices connected to the internet. Our article “Why does my Cable Network keep dropping?” dive in to help you nail the answer.

Top Internet Providers In My Area

Since in most cases your service provider does not force you to rent a modem from them, not all of our survey participants have one from their ISP. We therefore felt it was unfair to include these results in the overall score.

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But here, we think modems are interesting – at least, this writer thinks that’s why we’ve written so many articles about them. And our great passion for modems is why we included this question.

Our subscribers from Spectrum, Optimum, and Xfinity received their modems from their service providers. But while Spectrum and Xfinity users seem happy with their modems, Optimum users don’t seem so happy.

If you don’t like the internet equipment provided by your service provider, try buying your own to save on monthly costs and get a better connection.

Sometimes the hardest part of any job is getting started. If your service provider has a challenge coordinating installation and setup, it leaves a bad impression.

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Xfinity, Verizon Fios, and Spectrum usually start things off on the right foot, according to our survey participants. We think these main reasons are why these service providers succeed in installation and configuration:

Verizon Fios and Frontier both led in customer support last year, and this year Xfinity moved up from second to last to join them.

It’s very easy to contact a representative with Verizon Communications, whether by phone, app, chat or social media. We have links to all the ways you can reach them in our Verizon Fios customer service review.

Top Internet Providers In My Area

However, Xfinity strives to provide customer service via chat – so much so that our Xfinity customer service page has many ways to solve your Xfinity problems, but not a phone number.

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Trust us, we’re not too happy about it. But at least the Xfinity customers we surveyed don’t seem to mind the chat-based service.

Frontier has a well-developed support center, including a support wizard to help you find solutions on your own. It also offers chat, scheduled calls, and look, real phone number. Goodbye, Frontier.

Verizon Fios plans are simple. There are only three Internet plans to choose from, and they’re all super fast — and cheap. Its basic plan is 200/200 Internet for $39.99 per month with AutoPay, plus tax and utilities. That’s a shot.

You can get 100 Mbps faster with Xfinity’s Select Performance plan for $34.99 per month for the first 12 months on a one-year agreement. This writer found the program suitable for working at home.

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While Frontier’s speeds vary greatly by location, you can pick up almost all of them for less than $50 a month. The introductory fiber plan, Simply FiOS 50/50, is only $29.99 per month for 24 months with a two-year agreement. Getting fiber internet at the cost of eating out is hard to beat.

This category differs from our overall customer satisfaction scores, as this is where survey participants chose to score, and we have a smaller number of responses on average.

However, it should come as no surprise that customers of Xfinity, Verizon, and AT&T rated their network providers as the best overall value. After all, Mother Goose always says “Where higher speeds come with lower monthly bills, there’s sure to be value to follow.”

Top Internet Providers In My Area

This is another question that doesn’t affect our overall score – it’s worth knowing which providers are worth adding TV to a network plan.

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Optimum encourages new customers to bundle internet and TV with a contract purchase of up to $500. If you’re having trouble getting out of your current contract, that extra cash should help pay most, if not all, of your early termination fees.

Xfinity has the usual TV options, but now it’s branching out into the world of streaming with the new Xfinity Flex. Flex still has some active connections, but it’s free for all Xfinity network customers.

Frontier offers its own TV packages and also makes it easy to connect Frontier Internet plans with DISH TV. There are many ways to connect with Frontier, so it’s no surprise

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