Universal Private Vip Tour Cost

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Universal Private Vip Tour Cost – WATCH OUT! Read more only if you want to get the full VIP red carpet treatment during your next visit to Universal Studios Orlando!

Yes that’s right. Today I’m talking about ALL THINGS Universal Orlando VIP Tour. From what the Universal VIP tour is to how much it costs, by the end of this post you’ll know for sure if this tour is for you!

Universal Private Vip Tour Cost

Universal Private Vip Tour Cost

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Holiday Mode In Universal Studio Japan (usj)

For an additional fee for park admission (we’ll explain later), you’ll get a 5-hour, 1-park or 7-hour, 2-park behind-the-scenes tour of Universal Studios Orlando.

So you can get a bit of the VIP treatment after the Universal VIP Tour is over!

Now, we’ve covered quite a bit above, but as usual, things aren’t so cut and dry when it comes to Universal Orlando add-ons like the Universal Studios Orlando VIP Tour.

That said, there are several levels of Universal Studios Orlando VIP Tours to choose from.

Price Of Private Vip Tours Increases To As Much As $750 An Hour At Walt Disney World

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To get the most out of the Universal Studios Orlando VIP Tour, we recommend staying in the park the entire day from opening to closing.

That’s because even after the guided tour, you’ll receive an unlimited Express Pass and Citywalk Party Pass that can be used on Universal VIP Tour days.

Universal Private Vip Tour Cost

Now, think about it this way. After an amazing 5 or 7 hours behind the scenes touring the park, at least you still can

Guide To Disney Private Vip Tours

The Unlimited Express Pass allows for shorter Express Pass ride lines at most attractions, and the CityWalk Party Pass acts like a universal pass for all the clubs on CityWalk usually open until midnight or later!

Before deciding which date to book your Universal VIP tour, we recommend checking Universal and Citywalk hours here.

So on some days you can enjoy an extra hour or two of amusement park or CityWalk fun, which is certainly worth taking advantage of when you have an unlimited express pass.

Can I purchase the Universal VIP Tour when I arrive at Universal Studios Orlando? Of course. Do you recommend it? no.

Trip Report Day 2: Universal Orlando Vip Experience • Disney Cruise Mom Blog

The Universal Studios Orlando VIP Tour has limited space, so if you wait until the same day it will likely sell out. So make sure to plan like the pros and buy your Universal VIP Tour Pass here well in advance of Park Day!

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Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the VIP experience at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

Universal Private Vip Tour Cost

Is the Universal Orlando VIP Tour expensive? Is it more expensive than a normal park entrance ticket? Yes. Do I still have to pay the entrance fee

Disney Vip Tour

Book in advance during slower times of the year as Universal VIP Tour prices change upon request.

All of that is worth over $200. And the cost of the Universal VIP Tour… Well, we’ll get to that in a minute.

This means you still get the VIP treatment at the end of your 5 or 7 hour tour.

As discussed above, seeing the value of what you are getting will save you money in the long run. , it may not be the best choice for you.

Universal Studios Vip Experience Tour

In addition, like the Universal Express Pass, prices are adjusted on demand, so tour costs are completely unpredictable. This means that peak season, season and certain days of the week will cost more.

Wouldn’t it be a bit annoying to stand in 95 degree humid heat for an hour and then a bunch of people come and cut the line?

Of course, in a Universal Orlando VIP Tour scenario, you’ll be a dirty-looking taker rather than a giver, but keep in mind if you’re not a spotlight fan.

Universal Private Vip Tour Cost

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The Universal Studios Vip Tour Experience Is Totally Worth It!

Think of the Universal Orlando Express Pass as Disney Genie+, with shorter lines on most rides, typically cutting wait times in half and rarely more than 20 minutes total.

But the Universal Orlando VIP Tour is so much more! Sure, you get an unlimited Express Pass, but you also get access to valet parking, meals, show seat reservations, and a 5+ hour behind-the-scenes tour.

Basically, there are two major differences between private and non-private Universal Orlando VIP tours: price and group size.

While non-private Universal VIP tours cost hundreds of dollars and can accommodate up to 12 people at various parties, private Universal VIP tours

See And Do It All With A Private Disney Vip Tour

A truly private Universal Studios Orlando VIP Tour starts at $3,099. In addition to being your own group, you can customize your itinerary, add a second day to your tour and include dinner.

Just as the regular Universal Studios Orlando VIP Tour offers a variety of prizes, so does Halloween Horror Nights R.I.P. Tour experience (RIP, not VIP… OK?)

Basically, Halloween Horror Nights Behind-the-Screams: Unmasking the Horror Tour ($80) and Halloween Horror Nights R.I.P. You can choose from. tour $280.

Universal Private Vip Tour Cost

Difference? The Unmasking the Horror tour requires no additional admission and is a light-up haunted house tour of your choice of 3-6 houses during the day.

Universal Studios & Island Of Adventure Private Vip Tour

Tooth Fairy Revenge Tour Unmasks HHN Horror 30 Host Kelly Explains It All Kitchen Scene

On the other hand, Halloween Horror Nights R.I.P. Tours require admission to Halloween Night of Horrors and include a guided tour and VIP frontline access to each house. Also includes unlimited express tickets, valet parking, food reception and more.

As explained in the pros and cons section above, the Universal Orlando VIP Tour really packs a punch for your money. Especially considering that the Unlimited Express Pass alone costs more than $ 100.

We highly recommend Universal Studios Orlando VIP Tour to any avid Universal Studios fan, anyone who has never been to a park before, or a veteran looking to treat themselves to the most stress-free theme park experience imaginable!

Universal Studios Offers Surprisingly Affordable Vip Tour

Well, we really hope that this comprehensive guide has answered all of your Universal Orlando VIP Tour questions!

Let us know in the comments below before you move on. Do you book Universal VIP Tours any time? Or do you have your own Universal Orlando VIP Tour experience to share?

Gina is a former Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line cast member who loves recreating the magic by writing helpful tips and tricks for future guests!

Universal Private Vip Tour Cost

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Is Universal Orlando’s New Holiday Vip Tour Worth The Price? Here’s What We Thought!

Paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars to wait in long lines for rides at a major amusement park may seem a bit silly. Rides and attractions are great entertainment, but standing in line with geeky kids is no one’s thing. There are fastpasses, expresspasses and touring strategies that significantly reduce ride waiting times (maximizing the amount of time you actually spend enjoying the attractions).

But for travelers looking to stretch their theme park budget, there’s another option behind the velvet rope doors. Actually, there are numbers.

Theme park VIP tours and experiences range from less than $100 per person to thousands of dollars per day. I’ve had several VIP Disney World experiences with my family, for example, including the VIP Classic Tour ($199 per person) and Early Morning Magic, the best you can spend at Walt Disney World for $69 per person.

As far as VIP tours go, the Disney option is really budget-friendly compared to the Universal Studios Private VIP tour we spent the summer on.

Universal Orlando Vip Tour: Exclusive Awesomeness Or Just Another Expense?

Like Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando offers a variety of additional VIP experiences, starting at $189 per person and going up to frankly outrageous amounts. My original goal was to find a Universal Studios tour for the same price we experienced.

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