What's Better 3g Or Lte

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What's Better 3g Or Lte – Mobile communication technology has been developing rapidly in recent years. The motto was higher bandwidth and higher data transfer speed. However, modems and routers based on the 2G or 3G standard are still used in industrial remote control. However, in the foreseeable future, these communication networks will be disabled.

At the moment, it is not easy to find specific statements about when 3G will no longer be available. Deutsche Telekom’s terms and conditions read: “3G (UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) and HSPA (High Speed ​​Packet Access)) network technology specified in Telekom’s mobile network is – subject to extension – available only until December 31, 2020. ” Some Telekom’s UMTS frequencies will definitely expire in 2020 and will be reassigned. Vodafone has announced that it will turn off UMTS across Europe between 2020 and 2021. Telefonica (O2) has not yet commented on this. still available with a 5G network.

What's Better 3g Or Lte

What's Better 3g Or Lte

Even if providers have yet to make a definitive statement on when 3G technology will finally be phased out, switching should be considered. As communications service providers are busy rolling out networks for LTE and 5G, they are unlikely to put too much effort into maintaining 2G or 3G infrastructure. So with these networks you are not sure about the future. In addition, the parts of the system that are monitored by remote maintenance are usually located in very remote locations. If the factory is running according to plan, an employee may come once a year to make sure everything is in order. Getting there often takes a lot of time. If it is necessary to replace components in such a system, the cost of travel and replacement of components can significantly exceed the actual cost of acquisition. If the need is foreseeable, the replacement should be planned early enough to be carried out as part of already planned maintenance, thus saving costs. This also applies to the termination of 3G.

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The exclusion currently applies to 3G networks, which have never been available throughout Germany. Therefore, most modems and routers with UMTS enable automatic switching to 2G. As a result, some users are looking at the impending withdrawal with relief. However, Jos Zenner, managing director of Welotec GmbH, warns: “Relying on automatic failsafe is a false protection. In many communication networks, many systems already work on the 2G network. If others are added as a result of failure, individual cells can easily become overloaded and all communications suffer or even fail completely.” 2G in the future. In other countries, this backup strategy can generally become problematic. In Switzerland, for example, the second largest network operator announced that it will phase out 2G at the end of 2018.

The industry is occupied with projects that demonstrate energy optimization and the obligation to produce a CSR report. Even if they initially involve restructuring and financial costs, industrial companies invest in their future security in the long term.‣more

However, when it comes to investing in future-ready solutions, many companies shy away from cost and wonder if modern communication standards are over-sized for their applications. One of the solutions is LTE. According to the current state of planning, LTE will be partially included in the 5G standard and is therefore ready for the future. Technically, it is not one standard, but several. With LTE Cat.1 or LTE Cat.M1, it provides users with a standard from this collection that is not only in the range of UMTS in terms of data transfer speed, but also in terms of acquisition and data transfer costs. However, when switching, keep in mind that many devices that use 2G or 3G for communication have been in use since around 2004. Therefore, they are no longer the cutting edge of technology and are not intended for use in LTE technology. The change also includes a general technical change from analog dial-up connections to IP networks. In many cases, replacing a modem or router also requires adjusting the entire downstream application.

The communications experts at Welotec estimate that there are currently hundreds of thousands of 2G and 3G devices in industry in Germany that will need to be replaced in the next two years. With the TK535L1 model, the company offers users an alternative to UMTS/GPRS modems and routers. “At the beginning of 2019, we will launch routers with LTE Cat. 1 in the range as standard,” says Zenner.

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The company estimates that it will take several more years before 5G is available throughout Germany. The new frequencies will be put up for auction in the spring of 2019. By 2022, the network would be significantly expanded. The technology, among other things, uses high frequencies that radio waves spread less, but offer a higher data transfer rate. Therefore, it is necessary to set up additional base stations that must be connected by optical fibers so that the data lines, i.e. the backbone of the mobile network, do not slow down the communication speed of the radio interface. Network operators promise, among other things, a bandwidth of at least 100 MBit for each end device and a latency of 1 ms. Network slicing provides the mobile subscriber with the required connection properties, such as available bandwidth, latency, at all times and thus enables the use of new applications in near real time over the mobile network. However, numerous industrial applications will also benefit from the advantages of 5G technology.

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What's Better 3g Or Lte

Alteryx, a specialist in analytics software, has expanded the functionality of its Analytics Cloud Platform product. Designer Cloud’s redesigned user interface is now available with more than 30 advanced preparation, connectivity, analysis and automation tools, the vendor said in a press release.‣more

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Since the judgment of the Federal Labor Court of September 13, 2022, the reporting of working hours is mandatory for companies. Electronic time tracking solutions can help with this. But what do you need to consider when choosing a system in order to achieve your goal as easily as possible?‣read more

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From March 28 to 30, 2023, the WTZ conference center in Heilbronn will host a meeting dedicated to automation. The event is primarily characterized by workshops for practitioners of automation technology. The veterans are impressive: after the event was held in Böblingen since 2007, it moved to the technology park in Heilbronn in 2023. However, the nature of the meeting remains the same, as organizer Sybille Strobl told our sister magazine SPS-MAGAZIN in an interview, “as well as the thematic focus on automation and industrial IoT.”‣more

What's Better 3g Or Lte

Photo: ©stockbusters/stock.adobe.com According to a recent study by Rockwell Automation, more than 50 percent of companies in Germany do not have the skilled workforce they need to compete. Data usage is also an issue. ‣moreMobile tech knows the uplink challenges for any generation of mobile networks. With the increase in data transfer speeds in 4G and 5G, the problem has become important as most of the speeds are focused on downloads, but the transfer speeds are quite low.

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Speed ​​tests are still the killer 5G app these days (#5GKillerApp). Fantastic speeds with Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) #5GBuiltRight. Transfer at over 250Mbps, but pay attention to how to hold your phone correctly to achieve these speeds 🤫 https://t.co/DS18IOw8AW — 3G4G (@3g4gUK) February 12, 2021

Even without massive MIMO mobile networks, uplinks are limited. We have always designed the networks accordingly. — Andy Sutton (@960sutton) June 5, 2019

People who follow us on our channels know about the many presentations we share on them, from various sources, not only from our own. In one such presentation by Peter Schmidt, uplink was discussed in detail. In fact, we recommend following him on Twitter if you’re interested in technical details and infrastructure.

The lecture shed light on the effects on the mysterious part of mobile communication – sources of uplink interference and their impact on mobile communication and the practice of RF interference source detection.

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A bar graph of a smartphone’s field strength (reception field strength relative to the incoming connection) is only half the truth when estimating cellular coverage. The other half is the uplink, which is mostly invisible but very sensitive to interference, the direction from the end device to the base stations. The lecture will explain the sources of uplink interference, their effects and the possibilities of measurement and analysis.


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