What's The Best Dental Plan

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What's The Best Dental Plan – You never know when a toothache might strike—and if you’ve ever experienced one, you know how important it is to have access to dental care when you need it. Dental insurance is the best way to prepare for unexpected problems that may arise. This can save you money in those cases, and even better, it will help you avoid serious problems and allow you to schedule regular cleanings and inspections at a much lower cost.

When choosing a dental insurance plan, there are several factors to consider in order to find a plan that best suits your needs. The details can be confusing: premiums, deductibles and coverage levels will vary between plans, so it’s a good idea to consider your options in detail. Otherwise, you may end up with less coverage in an emergency—or, alternatively, more expensive coverage than you budgeted for.

What's The Best Dental Plan

What's The Best Dental Plan

Whether you chose dental insurance through your employer or on your own, the following steps provide general guidance on how to choose the right dental insurance plan.

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Before choosing a dental insurance plan, it’s important to do your homework on your family and dental history, current oral health status, and your budget.

If you are a senior under the age of 30 with excellent dental health and no history of oral disease, then your dental insurance needs will be very different than, say, a family of four with two small children. A family of four may have one parent with a history of gum disease, a child who will probably need orthodontic work, and another child with a history of multiple cavities.

In this case, the possibility of more frequent dental visits and more expensive procedures would suggest that a family of four might want to invest in a more comprehensive dental insurance policy, even if the cost of the plan is slightly higher.

To fully understand your needs, take an inventory of your or your family’s dental and oral health needs—historical, current, and anticipated—as well as what you’ve paid for past dental visits. This would be a good benchmark for evaluating policies and predicting public spending.

How To Choose The Best Dental Insurance Plan

Want to learn more about oral health and the risk of tooth decay or disease? Check out Delta Dental’s free LifeSmile® Oral Health Assessment.

There are many types of dental insurance plans. Everyone will work differently in terms of pocket money, benefits, deductibles, etc. Generally, dental insurance plans are divided into the following categories:

You may not have access to all of the types of dental insurance plans listed above—the plans you can choose from depend on what’s available in your area.

What's The Best Dental Plan

Once you have a solid understanding of the types of dental insurance plans available in your area or offered by your employer, you can start digging into the details—such as covered procedures, waiting periods, and annual limits.

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Creating a list of pros and cons can help guide you through the decision-making process. When considering your options, consider the following questions:

Each type of dental insurance plan will have a different sized network (ie, contract dentists enrolled in the plan) to choose from. If you live in an area with few dentists nearby, network size may be a critical factor.

Additionally, you may want to find out if your current coverage is covered by the plans you are considering. Be aware that you will have to pay more out of pocket to continue seeing your current dentist if he is out of network.

Different dental insurance plans will work differently in terms of reimbursement cost. PPO is the most attractive plan because it strikes a balance between cost and access to care.

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To determine which dental plan makes the most sense for your budget, take the time to calculate your estimated annual dental costs based on historical patterns.

This will help you understand your options from a financial perspective and make the best choice for your family budget.

Choosing the right dental insurance plan can be intimidating, but it’s not difficult—as long as you’ve done your homework. Don’t rush into the decision: instead, take the time to assess your dental needs, budget, and expected level of care. While it is impossible to completely predict every dental injury or illness that may occur, arming yourself with the facts will help you avoid any unwanted surprises when it comes to reimbursements and out-of-pocket expenses. Goodbye My friend! Welcome to Thrive Dental & Orthodontics! We’re here to support you and answer your dental questions, so come say hello!

What's The Best Dental Plan

When shopping for dental insurance, it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. If you’re lucky, your employer may offer dental insurance, so you can simply contact your HR department to find out about the benefits.

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Keep in mind that you are not one of the lucky ones whose employer offers free dental care. In that case, you should know that each dental insurance company provides different coverage according to your needs.

Let’s take a look at some of the top companies and see what’s right for you. We accept all PPO insurances at each of our Thrive Dental locations and believe they can benefit most people.

Can’t afford dental insurance? Does not matter! Take advantage of the Thrive Dental program, where we offer our dental services at a significant discount. All you have to do is pay the low annual membership fee of $149!

Before choosing dental insurance, make sure you know the waiting periods, deductible amounts, treatment fees and maximum annual benefits. You may want to look into orthodontic coverage if you plan to start braces or Invisalign.

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Dental insurance usually covers prevention (exams and x-rays) and other parts of your treatment. Many will offer partial coverage on metal and clear braces as well as Invisalign.

If your employer offers insurance, then it’s usually cheaper than buying it yourself. Your employer may pay all or part of the premium.

Insurance costs vary greatly depending on the amount of coverage you choose and the amount of your deductible. Some insurances will cover a significant part of your treatment and even offer orthodontic coverage for adults.

What's The Best Dental Plan

Most dental insurance will also cover a maximum amount of general dental services that ranges from $1000 to $2000.

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When you come to our Thrive Dental offices regularly and usually just need routine cleanings, dental insurance may not be right for you.

If you just need a regular cleaning and checkup, you’ll likely spend $150 to $250, which doesn’t warrant dental insurance coverage.

However, if you haven’t visited your dentist in a long time and need a lot of dental work, then getting the best possible dental insurance will benefit you greatly.

Multiple dental crowns can cost $800, so if your insurance covers 80% of those dental crowns, you will benefit from dental insurance.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance

Delta Dental is the largest provider in the United States. Their network includes over 150,000 dentists in approximately 330,000 locations.

There is a limited list of dentists who will accept this program because the fees are very low; Therefore, you may be forced to go to a dentist you don’t like.

You choose any dentist you like (Thrive Dental!), and you usually pay a percentage of the total cost of a procedure. So if you need a refill, you can only pay 20% of the total cost, and insurance pays the rest.

What's The Best Dental Plan

Humana is also one of the largest dental insurers. They offer a variety of dental programs. According to their website, you can save up to 60% working with dentists in their network.

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You can also get a discount if you have a dentist appointment at the same time.

There are at least five or more plans to choose from, all offering different deductibles and coverage rates.

Complete Dental from Humana offers 100% coverage for preventive services (after deductible). 80% coverage for basic services and 50% coverage for central services.

This type of coverage can be helpful if you know you need a lot of dental care.

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We offer an in-house removal program in our offices. This plan can only be used in our offices, but can be a great alternative to traditional dental insurance.

For example, a deep clean would normally cost $200-$400 per arch, but under our plan, it costs around $100 per arch.

Membership includes two exams and two x-ray groups per year. This program is great for someone who has access to dental insurance or knows they want to stay in one of our offices.

What's The Best Dental Plan

If you visit our offices regularly and only need a regular cleaning, you probably don’t need dental fillings.

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If you know you will have a lot of dental needs, then the right dental insurance can save you a lot of money.

Goodbye My friend! We are so glad you came to visit!

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