When Is It Good To Trade In Your Car

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When Is It Good To Trade In Your Car – If you’re an Apple fan, you can’t help but love getting new gadgets. Whether it’s a shiny new MacBook with a bunch of new tricks or an iPhone with a new camera, there’s always something new to enjoy. So of course you ask, “What should I do with my old devices?” A replacement seems like the obvious choice, but is Apple’s replacement worth it?

Yes, the company actually takes used devices that you can use as credit towards your new one. This is a neat strategy and saves you the burden of trying to resell it. But is the program generally worth it, or are there better options (like us) to consider?

When Is It Good To Trade In Your Car

When Is It Good To Trade In Your Car

The thing is, it depends on what you are trading and what situation it is in. Newer devices earn a lot more than older ones, and if they’re original, you can expect better value. But let’s take a closer look and see how the program works – and more importantly, whether it’s profitable.

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Apple Trade In is the tech giant’s buyback program (not to be confused with the iPhone Upgrade Program, which lets you pay for a new iPhone over a 24-month period). Whether you’re recouping the cost of a new iPhone or recouping some of the losses on an Apple Watch you no longer use, Apple’s trade-in program is convenient, with options to choose from online or in-store. .

Online Apple Trade-in: Prefer to shop from the comfort of your home? Answer a few questions online about your item and its condition to get an exchange estimate. Then mail in your old device using Apple’s free shipping label or exchange kit.

When you receive your item, Apple experts will assess the condition of your gadget. If their estimate does not match what you originally described, the trade-in value of your device will be adjusted accordingly. From there, you can accept the offer and receive credit to use online or in-store.

Apple Trade-In in Store: Meet the item of your desire (upgrade) instead? Simply bring your used Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, MacBook and more to your nearest Apple Store and trade them in person. After a quick inspection, you will receive your business offer.

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Just a quick note though. It may take some time to schedule a replacement appointment. Due to Covid restrictions, you may not make it for a few days. If you’re in a hurry to get rid of your device, it’s probably better to send it in.

Not happy with the marginal trade-in on your iPad? calm down Any estimate you get from Apple for your replacement is without liability. So if you went to the Apple Store to trade, don’t be afraid to walk away if you’re not happy with the amount you bid. Likewise, if you don’t like the updated trade-in estimate you get for your online trade-in, Apple will send your device back to you for free (unlike anyone else we know of).

IPhone – iPhone 5 to iPhone 12 (currently working on adding iPhone 13 devices, though no official word on when)

When Is It Good To Trade In Your Car

Other Devices – Apple will also recycle other devices (for free) if you sell them better elsewhere.

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Eh, sort of. Before 2016, you wouldn’t get a trade-in credit for your damaged iPhone. Since then, Apple has relaxed its trade-in guidelines a bit to give credit to the device even if it has a crack or two. But only to a certain extent.

We decided to test how the cracks affect Apple’s trade-in values ​​using the company’s online trade-in estimator and oh boy, it wasn’t pretty.

For an unlocked iPhone 12 with 256GB of storage, Apple will provide up to $400 for a trade-in. However, when you factor in that same phone’s case being in “poor condition” (ie cracks, chips, scratches, broken glass back, etc.), its trade-in value drops to a big, fat $0. (Note that some offer more in cash, even for damaged items.)

Fortunately, that’s where AppleCare+ comes in (if you’ve been thinking about investing in it anyway). Instead of spending less and sending your damaged phone to Apple, you can fix a cracked screen or broken glass for just $29 and $99, respectively. This still leaves you with a respectable amount of profit, depending on the device!

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Note that even for damaged items, many will offer more in cash. For example, iPhone 12 256GB unlocked in good condition, we pay $515 cash, various payment options available. Bad? You still get a decent amount between $50 and $300. It’s so good compared to Apple’s goose egg.

Apple’s buyback program gives trade-in credit only. Depending on whether you’re buying online or at an Apple Store, that payment will be applied to current credit, an Apple Gift Card, or an existing purchase.

Online trade-in: If you choose to trade in your old device when purchasing a new one online, your original payment method will be credited for the trade-in amount after your item has been received and evaluated. Any remaining balance will be received via email as an Apple Gift Card.

When Is It Good To Trade In Your Car

However, if you trade in an item online but don’t make a purchase at the time, you’ll receive the full amount on your Apple Gift Card.

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In-store trade-in: If you visit an Apple Store to trade-in, you’ll have a choice between instant credit or an Apple gift card. As the name suggests, you can freely use your instant credit on the same day. Or you can choose a gift card to use your credit toward a future Apple purchase. Please note that depending on how busy the store is, exchanges may take some time.

For most of its existence, the Apple Trade In has been called out for its less-than-desirable trade-in values, especially with older devices. So when the program was slightly rebranded for the 2018 to 2019 Apple Giveback, it was too on the nose.

Unfortunately, despite the return of a more consumer-focused name, Apple’s resale values ​​are still lower than the competition by comparison.

Now, let’s take a look at how Apple’s trade-in values ​​stack up against other popular options in the buyout or resale market. Please note that the following estimates are for devices in good condition. As mentioned earlier, any cosmetic damage or functional issues will significantly reduce the value of your replacement device.

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So here are some great values; But if you shop at competitors (and our site), you’ll find great deals – and cash.

If there’s any device category where Apple bucks its trend of offering low trade-in credits, it’s with Apple Watches. In general, depending on which model you have, you can get anywhere from $50 for a Series 2 watch to a whopping $235 for a Series 6.

Unlike Apple Watches, Apple’s iPhone trade-in values ​​can’t hold a candle to other trade-in options when it comes to most models. The company doesn’t even carry the iPhone 13 right now; And while the iPhone 11 and 12 are slightly better, they’re still somewhat undervalued.

When Is It Good To Trade In Your Car

Similar to Apple’s iPhone resale values, the company’s iPad purchase values ​​are great for new devices, but not so much for older devices. See the price table below to get an idea of ​​what’s on offer.

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The most important value here is $550. But keep in mind that this is for the top model with the most storage space. If you have less space or problems you can expect a drop in price.

By comparison, it offers a lot when it comes to offering consumers the best value. For a 2TB iPad Pro in mint condition, we’ll pay up to $1,100. That’s double what Apple offers!

Apple Watches aside, if there’s one category of device that holds its own against competing business values, it has to be MacBooks. It’s also important to note that, unlike many trade-in sites like Gazelle, Apple also accepts trade-ins for desktops, not just laptops.

Just have a MacBook and want cash instead? We offer great value on a variety of models, up to $1000 on some. We can’t take desktops yet, but if you need a new laptop, we can help you get rid of your old one.

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Apple’s trade-in values ​​are often lacking when it comes to certain devices (especially older iPhones and iPads). Why?

Simply put, they prefer devices that can be easily sold back. Although models may vary in size and condition, they are generally looking for something with no problems to sell. Even with an on-site repair shop, the advantage is in new devices they know consumers will want.

That’s not to say they won’t take older devices—obviously they will—but there’s something about going after a resale market that’s still in high demand. not much

When Is It Good To Trade In Your Car

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