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Which Is The Best Internet Service – This survey data was collected from customers in 2016. If you are looking for more up-to-date customer satisfaction figures, check out our 2018 customer satisfaction survey.

Finding the best internet speeds at an affordable price can be difficult. Take heart, though, because we’re here to help. We asked thousands of high-speed Internet customers to rate their service providers based on several key areas of satisfaction. From easy installation to excellent customer service, from blazing speeds to affordable monthly rates – we’ve gotten to the heart of a complex industry to provide an informed perspective on your Internet service choices. We are now ready to announce the best ISPs of 2016.

Which Is The Best Internet Service

Which Is The Best Internet Service

Because we sell cable and internet services, we have partnered with a third party to ensure our results are objective, unbiased and representative of internet service customers. We compared the following most important brands and service types:

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We have divided the service types (optical and DSL) into service providers that offer both, as satisfaction may vary depending on the type of Internet client used.

Want more information about a website or publication? We are safe. Contact us directly and we will send you the information you need. Let’s take a look at the providers in our survey and break down the customers they serve, but first find and compare ISPs in your area:

Many rural customers do not yet have access to high-speed Internet, so they are more likely to be served by DSL or satellite providers. In urban areas, the fiber optic market is growing rapidly and the infrastructure to support it is expanding rapidly across the United States. After finding out who the service provider was, we asked users to rate their satisfaction in five different areas on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Here’s an example of what users see:

Our overall ISP satisfaction score is the average of all responses in the five customer satisfaction areas.

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Overall, customer satisfaction with the Internet service is increasing. Most providers were able to demonstrate improvements in all satisfaction categories compared to last year’s survey results. And as you might expect, faster speeds from fiber service providers make for happier customers. Frontier, AT&T and CenturyLink Fiber dominated the ratings both overall and in each individual category.

Noteworthy is the steady rise of SuddenLink and Bright House. These cable providers have made significant progress in satisfaction ratings since last year, falling behind Optimum and newcomer RCN in overall scores. This shows that cable internet service still has the speed and reliability to compete with fiber in many areas across the country.

New in this year’s survey are RCN and Exede. RCN is a small-footprint cable provider focused on major metropolitan areas such as Boston, New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. What this service provider lacks, they make up for with excellent service and superior speeds. RCN received the 2015 Best Speed ​​and Reliability award from PC Magazine, and their ratings as newcomers to this year’s survey reflect high customer satisfaction. In contrast, Exede, a satellite provider, is near the bottom of our overall ranking with lukewarm reviews. They need to make significant gains in all areas of customer satisfaction to compete with other incumbents such as HughesNET.

Which Is The Best Internet Service

Overall, Mediacom is at the bottom of the barrel in our Internet service provider satisfaction survey. Although they offer relatively high speeds in most areas, customers report that Mediacom is unable to deliver these speeds consistently. The confusing pricing structure, hidden fees, poor customer service and lack of self-installation all contribute to Mediacom being below average. Apparently, despite the high speeds, customers would rather struggle with satellite internet than with Mediacom. This is not a ringing endorsement.

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In recent years, Frontier has continuously expanded its service area by bringing fiber optic cable to rural areas that until now only had satellite or cable internet. Their dominance in the overall ratings is likely due to these customers enjoying the thrill of unlimited speed for the first time. Frontier is also making fiber more affordable by offering some affordable packages at lower speeds, which are still a step up for DSL and cable users. Frontier’s contract-free, three-year price lock is hard to beat. According to the average customer, Frontier gets it right.

While 2015 saw widespread outages and reliability issues at Frontier’s own sites, this year’s survey results show the company has bounced back from the setback. Frontier Fios led in every category, including customer service and support.

This is a difficult service area for some ISPs. Customers often choose to install themselves, and support during the initial process can be critical to satisfaction. In general, fiber optic companies score higher in installation satisfaction surveys than DSL or satellite providers.

Suddenlink and Bright House made significant gains on last year’s results. Like Frontier, SuddenLink expands cable broadband service in rural areas where customers previously only had DSL or satellite access. Bright House has a limited footprint in just five states, but their no-contract approach makes them an attractive option.

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Responding to feedback about poor customer service and a lack of technical support, Time Warner Cable has tried to change the installation experience with a comprehensive menu of guides and better support. This effort seems to be paying off, with TWC enjoying a small jump in installation and overall satisfaction.

Once again, Frontier outdoes its competition with an excellent setup and installation experience. They offer self-installation kits for many areas that waive the expensive $50.00 fee. A glance at Frontier’s website shows a healthy set of troubleshooting guides for every step of the setup process, and they also offer the modems for free. yes i said “free”. Who doesn’t love those four little letters put together?

For many customers, this is the whole point of the Internet. A growing household market with multiple devices and extensive streaming. And they want it all. High upload and download speed, fast enough for online gaming and streaming HD movies. Suppliers who cannot keep up will slowly but surely be pushed out of the market.

Which Is The Best Internet Service

While overall satisfaction with fiber service providers is increasing, DSL customers are increasingly frustrated with their slower speeds. It is worth noting that SuddenLink, Bright House and Optimum customer satisfaction has increased significantly. All three providers offer speeds of nearly 100 Mbps, which is nearly three times faster than DSL and satellite in some areas.

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Windstream tops this category for good reason. As a DSL provider, their service reaches 25 Mbps. By comparison, it seems misleading to call Windstream “fast” Internet. As disappointing as the speeds are, this provider serves many extremely rural areas and may be the only Internet option available outside of dial-up.

Frontier’s FiOS edges once again hit the top prizes in this category. Frontier has the same upload and download speed online. The difference may be Frontier’s growing customer base in rural areas. Many of these users have never experienced the miracle of fiber optics, and may be a little surprised at how these speeds will change their Internet experience.

Lightning speeds are no consolation without the reliability of a constant connection. Which service providers manage to avoid outages and keep their customers connected? The results of our satisfaction survey show that fiber optic providers are still leading the way, offering high speeds that consumers can rely on.

Frontier and CenturyLink top the customer satisfaction charts for reliability. However, cable providers such as RCN, Suddenlink and Optimum are not far behind. As previously stated, RCN was praised by PC magazine for both speed and reliability. Suddenlink is still relatively small, but is growing in rural areas that previously only had access to DSL or satellite. Suddenlink also offers a $20.00 credit to its customers whenever they are unable to resolve a 24-hour outage.

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Mediacom and Frontier’s DSL service ranked below these rankings for a myriad of reasons. Dissatisfied Mediacom customers may be because the service provider is unable to deliver advertised speeds in some areas.

Frontier’s victory in this category is less clear than in other areas. They barely edged out fiber provider CenturyLink. Reliability scores were a virtual tie as cable company RCN caught on the heels of the larger service provider. Keep an eye out RCN people. They’re still a fledgling company, but their consistently strong results in all categories of this study indicate they may be on their way to surpassing fiber optic providers in customer satisfaction.

Costs and billing are always a sore spot for high-speed Internet users. You want speeds, you have to pay the price. All this state-of-the-art infrastructure is admirable, but it certainly isn’t free. We are happy to report that in almost all cases, service providers have shown an improvement in customer satisfaction with regard to expenses and billing. While this is still

Which Is The Best Internet Service

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